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Watch: Pt. 2, Advanced Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener Moves

Got yourself the Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener and wanna learn moves like the Little Sumpin’ Sketchy? Pay careful attention:


WATCH VIDEO 1: The Basics


Special shout outs to my Team—Director Beau Bouverat, Music/Sound Designer Chris Vibberts, Head Beer Weasel Ron LindenbuschVO Jeremy De Forge and one of the Internet’s Foremost Masters on the Subject, Rob Rugur. Thanks all for helping us benefit the thirsty masses.

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  1. Brookelynn says:

    This is excellent. I’m pretty I’d break my fingers. Or at least bust my knuckles. That won’t stop me from practicing sweet, sweet moves tho. I think I’m gonna work on a tribute move to my personal favorite- The Hairy Eyeball.

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