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8-Bit: Trololo Chap is Back in Chiptune

It happened to Weezer, Tom & Jerry, and Super Mario. Now it’s Edward Hill‘s turn to get all bloopy with it.

Robinerd created this 8-bit cover using DrPetter‘s Musagi chip-esque softsynth and sequencer (via BoingBoing). It lacks the dulcet, back-of-throat baritone of the original Trololololololololololo, but keeps the infectious smile and cheer.

I’d love a side-scroller game with this as the soundtrack. As Edward you’d wander around using your mouth’s Trolololo-lazer to happily obliterate buildings, objects, and living creatures in your path. See how many points you’d get before the song’s over. Any developers wanna take this on?

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WTF: Trololololololololololo

Let it load and it will be stuck in your head. All. Day.
Trololololololololololo.com (Thanks, Chris)


When your own reaction isn’t quite dramatic enough there’s Instant Vader
Nooooooooooooooo.com (thanks, Fang). Or, Instant Crickets, Instant Rimshot, and the always useful Sad Trombone.

Beer: First Look At Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale. WTF FTW!
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Geek Out: All Things Ackbar … It’s A Blog!

After yesterday’s post on SNL Digital Short “The Curse” I had a fever. And the only prescription was more Tim Cappello.

This is my contribution to a site I had the honor of naming, All Things Ackbar. A Star Wars character who’s moments were fleeting, but who’s magnitude the internets cannot repel. No, it can’t be explained. But like Selleck Waterfall Sandwich and Nic Cage As Everyone, we’ll help run this into the ground, too.

Scott, the Web Admiral, created the site and is now taking submissions.

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WTF: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

Admit it. Now that NicCageAsEveryone has practically everyone (um, Lightning McQueen? Cookie Monster?), you were looking for another reason to Photoshop celebs. And lens flares.

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich is here with an almost existential theme. And a self-explanatory name that’s as close as you’ll get to an explanation. Behold! (via AgencySpy)

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