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8-Bit: Trololo Chap is Back in Chiptune

It happened to Weezer, Tom & Jerry, and Super Mario. Now it’s Edward Hill‘s turn to get all bloopy with it.

Robinerd created this 8-bit cover using DrPetter‘s Musagi chip-esque softsynth and sequencer (via BoingBoing). It lacks the dulcet, back-of-throat baritone of the original Trololololololololololo, but keeps the infectious smile and cheer.

I’d love a side-scroller game with this as the soundtrack. As Edward you’d wander around using your mouth’s Trolololo-lazer to happily obliterate buildings, objects, and living creatures in your path. See how many points you’d get before the song’s over. Any developers wanna take this on?


Like you need another remix of this. Like you don’t.

Trolololo Versão Balada by Leinte Quente.

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