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Brick Bang: Classic LEGO Spaceman Animated Gif

Much like the mesmerizing Floating Cat this lives in the world of what I like to call Suspended Animated Gifs. Hopefully it’ll spawn a new sub-category of LEGO versions. Maybe Wardinger, who created this one, will do some more.

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LEGO Spaceman T-Shirt

The same guy who made this Gif also put (adapted?) the classic LEGO spaceman design onto t-shirts: See the rest »

LEGO: Minifig Flash(er) Drive Drops Drawers for Data

This new LEGO Minifig USB drive holds 2GB of stuff and even comes with a keyring. Perfect for your IamaKey USB drive. (Thanks, Ty)

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DWI: The New Hyundai Equus Owners Manual is an iPad
LEGO: New Short Film “The Brick Thief”
Want: iPhone Beer Bottle Opener
Tron: “Light Drive” Stop Motion Record Player Laser Light Show
HowTo: Make A Flaming Bacon Lance of Death
Gadget: LaCie USB IamaKey is WayCool
Hack/Remix: Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody On Old School Computer Gear


After seven straight years of growth, LEGOLAND has made a very special announcement: more growth. Like, over 2000 Star Wars models and 1.5 million pieces growth. Together it’s just one more excuse to go back.

“On March 31 LEGOLAND California becomes the first of three LEGOLAND Parks to launch a new STAR WARS Miniland area. Guests can enjoy seven of the most famous scenes from the six live-action STAR WARS movies, as well as a scene from the animated series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS™  all made out of 1.5 million LEGO bricks and built in 1:20 scale.”

“The models for the new STAR WARS area are being developed and built by See the rest »