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Horn Toot: ARCO Nickel Board Wins OBIE Outdoor Advertising Award

Congrats to our team from Ogilvy and at jumP LA on being a contender for an OBIE, advertising’s oldest award show. Out of 66 other agencies, it’s the only Ogilvy entrant to make it this year.

UPDATE: Winners were announced (see list of finalists below) and our ARCO board won Silver. Stoked.

It took over 20,000 nickels to See the rest »


Turin Brakes: Ogilvy Streams Live Concert from Canary Wharf

Ogilvy Labs partnered with LoveLive to offer the first live concert stream from the Ogilvy London office in Canary Wharf. The acoustic show by Turin Brakes just went live and will be available for the next two weeks here.

Here’s my all-time favorite Turin Brakes tune:

Turin Brakes “State Of Things” from “State Of Things EP”

Here’s a snippet from the set: See the rest »


Yum: Glazed & Amazed on the ampm Secret Menu

‘Glazed & Amazed’

Yes, it’s real. And it’s spectacular. You take an ampm Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissant and switch out the croissant with glazed doughnuts. It’s all part of the new Secret Menu campaign our team at Ogilvy just launched. Pretty much a big invitation to come up with your own creations and try something new. Go nuts.

‘Glazed & Amazed’ on Vimeo.

• •   • •

ampm Secret Menu ‘Dough Ray Moo’

‘Dough Ray Moo’

The double-cheeseburger cousin of ‘Glazed & Amazed’.

• •    • •

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FYI: Shit You Can’t Flush on Southwest Airlines

Don’t even think about flushin’ your origami stealth bomber, fool.


And if you’re heading into the LA Ogilvy office, don’t f-ing levitate above your f-ing motorcycle. David hates that.

OAK: The Blue Zone is for Typos
Hacked Road Sign Warns of Douche
Zombies on the Yahoo! Sign
Random: Amusingly Defaced Road Signs
Sign Remix: Dog Poop vs. Children At Play
KYEO: Shark Toof on Sunset in Echo Park


Invent: Ad Man Creates Crash-Course Crowd-Source Twitter Diet

World's First Twitter Diet

A former Creative Director of mine moved to NYC a few years ago and has been steadily packin’ on the poundage ever since. So to go on a diet he can actually stick to, the man’s gone public. Witness The Twitter Diet. ‘Cuz everyone knows you can ignore yourself. You can’t ignore strangers on the interwebs.

We’re all pullin’ for you down at the factory!
Now put a shirt on fer’chrissakes.

Root for / heckle him here: twitterdiet.blogspot.com.

Here’s another guy who’s come up with the idea. Three days too late.


Adv: Budweiser’s All Together Now “Lyrics” Spot

This makes me reeeeally miss riding the El down through Chicago. The side-scrolling view between the neighborhoods and buildings, and often in the buildings, beats any subway or BART line. No question.

The Beatles cover is by The Hours. The spot, created by DDB for Budweiser Ireland, is made up of 30 scenes. One for each of the lyrics. There was a blogger outreach that went along with it where Irish bloggers got first peep and were encouraged to respond with their own versions.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video shot behind the Ogilvy office in Dublin. More info at alltogethernow.ie.


Augmented Reality: “Seer” Wimbledon Android App by Ogilvy/IBM

The Seer app lets Wimbledon visitors point their phone at any of the courts and see stats from the current and upcoming matches there. Or if they’re hungry, point it around the food court and see what grub’s on special.

Full article on Brand Republic. Developed by IBM and OgilvyOne London. (Thanks, Todd)

AR: Tube Station Finder App for iPhone 3Gs
AR: McCann’s Pencil for One Show Interactive
AR: Living Sasquatch
AR: Geek Out With The Umlaut


Mark Your Calendar: June 4 Firehouse Kustom Rockart w/ Chuck Sperry & Ron Donovan at OgilvyWest SF


Mark your calendars now: June 4. Legendary silkscreeners Firehouse Kustom Rockart Company will present an overview of their most recent hand-printed poster work, in the second installment of OgilvyWest SF’s Gallery Series. Featuring:

  • The Firehouse Goldenvoice Series #1–40 (Warfield and Regency shows)
  • The Eric Clapton Series (10 Int’l Posters)
  • Originals in mixed media & installation pieces
  • and “American Artifact” documentary pre-release sneak peek!

Thursday June 4th @ 5:30 pm

OgilvyWest San Francisco
111 Sutter, 10th Floor

Chuck Sperry Giving Ogilvy a Sneak Peek at Posters For the June 4 Show

Action shot. Check Sperry gave us a sneak peek at some of what’ll be shown. Dig that Mogwai print. They’ve assured us our halls will be “littered with Firehouse prints”. Bring it!

Ron Donovan with a moth on his shorts

Did the moth fly in from the window or out from Ron Donovan’s shorts?
Ask him June 4.

Be sure to RSVP here.


InfoGraphic: Evolution of an Adman


Diego Zambrano, former Ogilvy Art Director, created this spot-on series. Man, I remember back “in the early stages” when you’d list the programs you’re proficient in, “Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator …” on your resumé. So rad.

Check’em out: See the rest »