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MP3: Radiohead, Caveman, Blackbird Blackbird, First Aid Kit (live), and The xx (Demo) :: Friday 01.06.12

After Holidäy Hiatus we’re back with a grip of tunes that’ve been swirling between our ears over the last couple weeks. Enjoy thoroughly.

Radiohead “Staircase” [follow]
from The Daily Mail & Staircase (download)

Caveman “Old Friend” [follow]
from Coco Beware

Blackbird Blackbird “Tear” [follow]
from Boracay EP

First Aid Kid “Emmylou” (live) [follow]
from Live on KCRW

The xx “Open Eyes” (Demo) [follow]

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Beer Güt Shirt

MP3: First Aid Kit “The Lion’s Roar”
MP3: Blackbird Blackbird cover Modest Mouse 
iPhone: Inside Apple’s Kid A-like Testing Facility
MP3: Blackbird Blackbird “modern disbelief”
MP3: Radiohead Covers “Nobody Does It Better” by Carly Simon
MP3: The Antlers cover The xx
Video/MP3: Homeless Mustard Sings Radiohead’s Creep, Has Great Beard

iPhone: Inside Apple’s Kid A-like Testing Facility

Located deep in the heart of the Apple campus is the $100 million Infinite Loop Lab. Engadget scored a look inside the former “black lab” and revealed what seems like a pretty-damn thorough testing facility.

KID A-pple
Although the chilly, dark ‘n glitchy goodness of Kid A‘s “Everything in Its Right Place” makes an ironic-enough soundtrack, this Radiohead rarity is even more fitting …

Radiohead “Nobody Does It Better” (Carly Simon)

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Those blue spikes are made of sound- and signal-dampening foam. The room above tests signal strength at any angle by strapping the device to a rotating arm. When Engadget arrived there was an iPad being tested. They asked why and Apple responded “…[we’ve been testing the iPad] for years.” Interesting.

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Testing the iPhone pain threshold in the MacHAL 9000 Iron Maiden. Or something to do with WiFi networks.

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Remix: Radiohead x Jay Leno TV Spot

As I’ve posted before, it’s amazing what a diff’rent soundtrack can do. Someone found the perfect track to lay over Jay Leno’s Olympic spot. (via AgencySpy)

As for Conan O’Brien, he’s planning on taking his show on the road. Live Coco!

Stellastarr* “My Coco” from Fool Out Of Cancer

Trailer Remix: Dist’rbing Strokes & More
Remix: DJ Steve Porter Mashes Henry Rollins and The Techno Viking
TV: Conan O’Brien Needs A New Avatar
Beer: Goose Island In Bombers, Tribute To Conan O’Brien

Video/MP3: Homeless Mustard Sings Radiohead’s Creep, Has Great Beard

Somebody give this guy a contract.

This is Mustard. A homeless guy who just appeared on a Sirius XM Radio show who’s jackass hosts don’t need any more press. See, messing with the homeless is one of their recurring bits  (i.e., offering one a whole pie and then stomping on it in front of them). Doesn’t matter if they give ’em cash afterwards, that’s F’d up.

But this time they didn’t get a homeless guy who was visibly drunk or with obvious mental problems to toy with. Surprised, they got a guy with some seriously gruff pipes and a heartbreaking rendition of Radiohead‘s Creep. To me, that deserves all the press he can get. (via workforfood)

Homeless Mustard “Creep” (Radiohead)
live on Sirius XM Radio

Cover: Grizzly Bear, Maritime do Hot Chip’s Boy From School
Whiskerino: Time-Lapse Beard, My Hairy Commute
Adv: James Lipton’s Magical Beard
Hairy: What Famous Characters Would Look Like With Beards
MP3: Weezer, The 8-Bit Covers
Play: Name That Beard

MP3: Friday Five 04.03.09 Double-LP Covers Edition


A double-shot of covers for this fine Friday.
Rock out with the Umlaut:

Side A
Donny Hathaway “Jealous Guy” (John Lennon)

Radiohead “Nobody Does It Better” (Carly Simon)

Maritime “Boy From School” (Hot Chip)

Dawn Landes “Young Folks” (Peter, Bjorn & John)

Crooked Fingers “When You Were Mine” (Prince)

Side B
Beck “Do You Realize?” (Flaming Lips)

Jonny Polonsky “In Bloom” (Nirvana)

Killer Watts “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” (Ennio Morricone)

7 Seconds “99 Red Balloons” (Nena)

Good Riddance “Come Dancing” (The Kinks)

Rock out with the Umlaut every Friday.