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Pics: RoboGames Beer BBQ Fundraiser at Lagunitas

Beer Bash on the Lagunitas Brewery Floor

Saturday was the RoboGames 2009 fundraiser partay at Lagunitas in Petaluma. The highlight, 2nd to all-you-can-drink beer, was crowd-pleasin’ robot “Beer Bash”; made from a half-keg of, you guessed it, Lagunitas.

Check out the gallery …

Ridin' Beer Bash

You can ride Beer Bash.

Ridin' and Drivin' Beer Bash

Hell, you can ride it while you drive it.

RoboGames / Beer Bash Crew

The RoboGames / Beer Bash crew with Lagunitas’ Ron Lindenbusch.

DJ Maubrowncow

DJ Maubrowncow spinnin’ some Zeppelin.

Pug with Robby the Robot Shirt

Pink-tongued pug wearin’ a Robby The Robot tee, natch.

Beer Bash on the Lagunitas Brewery Floor

The exposition started on the brewery floor. That’s the tasting room up above.


There I am snappin’ a pic. (Thanks for the photo, MissySB!)

Awesome Daisy Dukes Apron at Robogames BBQ

Now that’s an apron.

Underside of Beer Bash robot

The seamy underbelly of Beer Bash.

Beer Bash and Shell of Its Former Self

Beer Bash smashing a shell of its former self. Thing’s got power.

RoboGames Trading Cards 2009

I scored a collection of 2009 RoboGames Trading Cards. Hell. Yes.

Beer Bash Trading Card

Palettes of Lagunitas 22oz Bomber Cases

Mmm …. Palettes and palettes of 22oz bombers.

Lagunitas does FREE brewery tours every weekday at 3 pm.
Go check’em out sometime.

The 6th annual RoboGames is June 12–14, 2009
at Fort Mason in San Francisco. Tickets and info here.

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