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MP3: Alex Chilton (RIP), Big Star covers by Elliott Smith and The Decemberists

The talented and crazily-influential singer/songwriter Alex Chilton passed away Wednesday from a heart attack.  (pic by Godlis)

Alex, his band Big Star, and his bandmate Chris Bell’s music always makes me think of my wife’s old Skylark. It was the perfect soundtrack for driving around in a big ol’ 70s boat while falling in love.

Big Star “Daisy Glaze” from #1 Record/Radio City

Chris Bell “I Am The Cosmos” from I Am The Cosmos

Elliott Smith “Thirteen (Big Star)”
from Studion (Live in Stockholm, Sweden 06-02-98)

The Decemberists “The Ballad Of El Goodo (Big Star)”
from Live at The Echo, LA, 1.17.04

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  1. Melissa says:

    “It’s so hard in times like now to hold on..”

    thank you.

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