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Beer: Pics from Lagunitas Beer Circus 2010

Molotov shows how to clear your palate before tasting beers at the one-of-a-kind Lagunitas Beer Circus in Petaluma.

Mel shows there’s a fine line between a furry panda and a panda furry.

These clowns will kick your ass if you don’t look at more pics … 

This magically smelly caveman was clearly carrying a Frank Chu-influenced sign. So I asked him, jokingly, “Where’s Frank?” He replied, “Who’s Frank?” I walked away. After snapping pics, naturally.

Wonder if he used the ACME ChuMaker sign maker?

I think I found our first female entrant for Petaluma Whiskerino. Look at those legs. *shudder*

Tim and the Pickle Lady.

Kristine, Elaine, Laura, and Mel looking in my general vicinity.

Molotov earning his name.

If your Grand Poobah tassle almost dunked in Ron Lindenbusch‘s beer you’d make that face, too.

Lagunitas’ Don Charier wearing his love for Kiss proudly.

From cross-dressing to cross-stripping in three easy steps.

Erin the Strong (She)Man has a very impressive moustache.

She flexed her muscles and the ‘stache parted for the beer. No joke.

Team KupcakeRy came straight from doing Bay to Breakers. Troopers. Mario ran with ‘em, too, but didn’t make this shot. See his pics here.

Jamie Johnson rocked so many fake tatts that day, I bet you can go by the TapRoom and still see her still flexin’ some monarchs or even Jesus.

Jeremy Marshal taking some brewer notes between beers. Mainly a reminder to not use such a ridiculously small notepad.

Mystery beauty mask standing in front of The Golden Mean Snail Car.

This guy escaped from a straightjacket while hanging by his ankles and a pallet of Lagunitas beer.

Speed performance paintings were cool to watch … from a safe distance.

The lovely Laura & Brian Way.

This mummy’s been holding her pee for a thousand years.

No comment.

John was there pouring for Ace Cider.

Girl, horse, poop, applause.

Nice to see REBEL8, my fav SF clothing company, repped in Petaluma … Keep on Chuggin‘ indeed.

There’s no cue more subtle than the deflating of a 40 ft gorilla that the Circus was over. Do not miss the next one—get on the Lagunitas Mailing List.

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  1. Dick Dobbs says:

    Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your blog. I am in Seattle and sing the praises of La-gun-itas to all that will listen. if you get up here i am less than cool but would happily buy you a beer. thanks for posting the music too. That’s what got me here.

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