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Tech: Petaluma One Step Closer to Feel-Around Theater

No, I’m not referring to another rash of massage parlors. Petaluma’s Boulevard Cinema will be only one of 27 movie houses to get these special D-BOX motion FX seats. (pic via OhGizmo)

“…You can sit in this chair, and as you’re watching the movie, the chair will move to left or the right or vibrate, so it makes the moviegoing experience 4-D instead of 3-D”

Almost like this classic bit from Kentucky Fried Movie:

The price for this extra-sensory experience?

Moviegoers will have to pay $8 extra to sit in D-BOX seats. Or you can come to my house and pay me $8 to sit in a beanbag that I kick during action scenes. I call it the D-BAG.

Full article here »  D-BOX Site »

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