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Retribütion: Steve Altimari Talks About his New Unnecessarily Umlauted Beer

Steve Altimari took some time out of his über-busy schedule to talk with ÜÜ about his new brews, getting them out on the street, and an umlaut that turns out to be very, very necessary.

“Actually the Ümlaut story is somewhat interesting… 

I was formerly brewing for a brewery and developed a beer called Überhoppy Imperial IPA. It was a huge success and actually brewed more as a joke by using not only 10 different hops but also 10 different malts as well. It was based on a recipe I developed as a homebrewer many years back. The beer became a huge success in many of the beer rating sites and beer geek circles.

Fast forward a few years and the company I was working for decided they no longer needed my services. Our sales manager and my assistant brewer were also not invited back either.

They essentially changed the locks at the brewery one day and the rest is history. After 14 years of employment…

The event was covered by many beer writers and I won’t go further into the unethical behavior of my former employers, they chose the path they wanted to follow and such is life.”

• •   • •


“I immediately joined forces with our old sales manager, brought on a couple partners and ventured out on our own. I incorporated High Water Brewing last summer. We immediately set out with plans of first getting myself and my beers back in the market as quickly as possible so we formed a contract partnership with Drakes Brewing in San Leandro, got our licenses approved and I am back at the helm producing fine ales once again.”

• •   • •


“In picking a name for one of our first beers I was having a phone discussion with another good friend in the industry and the name Retribütion came up and seemed very fitting for the treatment I received by my former employers. It is an Imperial IPA, completely new recipe, brewed with my personality all over it.”

• •   • •


“The demand for the new release currently far exceeds our ability to supply it so we have chosen to try and spread the love as far as we can logistically. Kegs have been delivered from Southern California to Mount Shasta. We just released the first bottled version in 22oz bombers. We had our bottle release party last week at City Beer Store in San Francisco. There is a van delivering all over the Bay area as well as heading to Southern California early this week. We are self distributed in Northern California by High Water Distributing, also my company. In So Cal we will rely on some help from Dan at El Dorado Distributing.

We are doubling our capacity at Drakes in a couple months, until then we will continue to brew as much as we can and keep the product flowing. Our ultimate goal is to build our own brewery in the upcoming year and we are currently raising funds to make it a reality.”


“Our other product is Hop Riot IPA, it is currently in draft and 22oz bottles as well. We will have a new specialty release the first week of July and three others by the end of the year.”

• •   • •


Head up to Santa Rosa’s Toad in the Hole this Tuesday for a special High Water Brewing night put on by Brewed For Thought. It’s your chance to be one of the first to try their new beers and meet the man, the Brewer, the legend, Steve Altimari.

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