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Beer Gear: Sküüzy, the Unnecessarily Umlauted Koozie Glove

What happens when you combine smoking jackets with thinking caps? Drinking mittens, dude.

Wave hello to the über-specific, Scandinavian-designed Sküüzy. When not filled with a beer, I would imagine, that hole is as useful as the double umlauts. But that’s just one more excuse to fill it with another beer. Snag ’em for half off with a Groupon this week or order from their site.

What’s with beer geekery and unnecessary umlauts? Exhibits A, B, C: BRÖÖ Craft Beer Shampoo, Highwater‘s Retribütion Ale and these double-entendre shirts?


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Shop: Beer Güt Shirt Makes Beer Guts Good


Umlauts. Who knew? They make bands rock harder. Restaurants feel more exotic. And on these tees they’ll transform your beer gut into something every passerby can nod approvingly on. ‘Cuz it’s not about the gut, it’s about the beer. And it is good.

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Süperfad x Nando Costa: Tactile Waveforms Video

Trippy couple of days. First multiplying sheep. Now bar graphs and pie charts exploding off the page into something like a Pink Floyd LP cover on peyote.

Created by design and live-action  production company Süperfad and directed by Nando Costa,
this video “explores the connections between science, mathematics and music“. Music is by World Gang, a side-project of Modest Mouse‘s Jeremiah Green and Plastiq Phantom Darrin Wiener. Nando and Jeremiah have a previous relationship, as he shot Modest Mouse “Whale Song” video.

The unnecessarily umlauted Süperfad is on a roll as of late. Just the other day they released their HTML5 and WebGL -powered Global Traffic Visualizer. Check out the vid:

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1.1.11: The Significantly Geeky Dates of 2011

Sure, 2011 is ripe with special dates; SF Beer Week is Feb 11—20, Cowboys & Aliens opens July 29, and the whole year itself has been designated The Int’l Year of Chemistry. But what I’m most excited about are the numbers.

It’s gonna be a great year so be sure to stay on top of the Ümlaut on Facebook and Twitter.

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Here’s some significant dates, times, and binary for the year. Hit me up with any additions or suggestions. And enjoy the soundtrack.

The Odd Numbers “Little Kings and Queens” from About Time

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Bonus points for times at the eleven second mark.

dates times
JAN 1.11.11 11:1111:20


FEB 2.11.20112.20.2011 2:112:20
SEPT 9.10.11 9:107:08
OCT 10.11.11 10:1111:10
NOV* 11022011
(Palindrome Day)





*Triple Eleven Bonus:
2011 is the eleventh year of the third millennium
DEC 12.20.2011 12:20

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2011 is 11111011011 in binary. Here’s more See the rest »

Röck: Sleigh’r Beer and Slayer Christmas Lights

Between Santa‘s mittened-finger devil horns and the ümlauted subtitle, this Spiced Doüble Alt poses itself as one badass brew. The only improvement would be Santa riding one of these. But like the ümlaut it’s, uh, unnecessary. The damn beer’s giving a hat tip to Slayer!

Ninkasi‘s Sleigh’r pours a dark ruby red and smells of sweet molasses and malt.

Tastes of dark, candied fruits swirled with molasses on an oak pitchfork.

It finishes woodsy and sweet. Let it warm up a little to let the richness (and the 7.2% ABV) truly rock out. A very welcome winter warmer.

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The Simpsons: Brought to You by the Ümlaut (and Katy Perry?)

The best part about The SimpsonsThe Fight Before Christmas” holiday special wasn’t the Treehouse of Horror -style format. Nor Katy Perry outdoing her “shocking” Sesame Street appearance through an oral sex joke with a Muppet Mo. Nope, it was how the entire episode was brought to you by the Ümlaut. (Thanks, Brookelynn!)

Mërry Christmas!

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Blog Lüv: Thanks to Redhook for the Hairy Beerd Care Package

After posting my collection of Hairy Beer Labels or Beerds the fine folks at Red Hook Brewery sent me this killer care package. Just to say thanks for featuring their handlebar moustachioed Big Ballard IPA.— a couple shirts and enough openers to open 100 bottles of the stuff. Nice!


Email me your address and I’ll send one out to ya:
copy [at] fredabercrombie [dot com]

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Ümlaut: Heavy Metal Band Name Flowchart

What about Assück? Beowülf? Or the doubly-unnecessary Infernäl Mäjesty?

The pentagram of knowledge has only so much room for ümlauts. Thankfully, the thoughtful groupings and classifications of metal band names more than make up for it.
Get a closer look at One For The Road.

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