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Peek: Neon Indian Play Pre-Show at TBWA \ Chiat \ Day

Photo: Christina Villafor

On the hush hush, before Friday night’s Troubador gig, Neon Indian stopped by the ad agency MSN (UK) named one of the world’s 10 coolest spaces, TBWA \ Chiat \ Day LA. The article mentions their indoor trees, basketball court and more, but breezes through what would make me actually want to live and work in LA: the agency hosts live concerts. They’ve had the The Morning Benders, Edward Sharpe, Generationals and tons more stop by for intimate, on-the-down-low shows. Not bad. At least where I’m freelancing right now this guy appears on Fridays. [Thanks, Christina]

If you haven’t already grabbed Neon Indian‘s latest, you need to snag it on iTunes:

Neon Indian “Polish Girl” from Era Extraña

Neon Indian “Hex Girlfriend” from Era Extraña

Neon Indian “Fallout” from Era Extraña

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