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In The Can: Tokyo Black (Thong) Porter

How much do beer labels influence your taste expectations?

My overall impression of Japanese beers can be summed up in one word: clean. And while the words “black thong” don’t necessarily conjure up visions of cleanliness, this Tokyo Black Porter from Yo-Ho Brewing (Nagano) keeps with tradition and is a very clean ‘n crisp brew.

For picturing the taste, focus less on the sumo’s full moon and more on the dark clouds obscuring the rising sun. It really captures the smokiness that covers your tongue; thanks to the toasty, dark roasted malts. And don’t look to the sumo for how “big” this beer is in character. It’s much thinner than you expect. So it’s more like the thong. See? You can get a lot from judging a beer’s cover.

That said, what would you expect from a fishnet lingerie beer can instead of a sumo thong?

For more Japanese thongs, check out the bizarre Big In Japan: Black Man Undies and Tommy Lee Jones.


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