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Ugly Cry: Watch Japanese Assemblyman Lose It

The guy above sounds like the goats who yell like humans (below).

This unhinged man-baby is Japanese assemblyman Ryutaro Nonomura. He’s in hot water for spending the equivalent of $30K, without any receipts … he says it was spent on 195 trips to hot springs resorts. The public’s not buying it. So a three hour hearing took place. And endless, hilarious sobbing and fist-pounding ensued. But is it the best cry ever?

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Rock: KISS MINI Coopers on Tour / Auction

I thought this was just a kick-ass poster. But they’re actually auctioning these KISS-covered Countryman MINIs. And you can order custom KISS wraps for your own MINI. Kick-ass!

Now if they only made Gene Simmons Bloody Tongue Car Fresheners to hang on your mirror, we’d be in business. Though I’d settle for a special KISS Kat seat.

On May 29th the autographed KISS MINIs See the rest »

Tron: New Poster Cool in Japanese, Cooler with Umlauts

Lotta Tron news this week. Not only did they release the Japanese poster for Tron: Legacy, they announced that 30 minutes of the movie will be shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 23rd (via). Start packin’.

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Here’s a look at the necessarily umlauted (örökség means heritage) international poster featuring Beau Garrett.

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Japan: Clawful of Boobs

While doing a post for the Petaluma River Monster I did a quick Google-spellcheck on “Clawful of” (who knows, maybe it could’ve been “claw-full”? Whatev, I’m tired.) Anyway, the second link returned was for this Crane Claw ‘o Boobs on Kotaku. Couldn’t resist sharing. Anyone got a quarter? Or a yen?

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