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Prudisim: Gimpressionist Creates New Movement, Rejects Boobs/Boners

We’ve heard of the Gallagher of Boobs, is this the Banksy of Boobs?

From the artist behind the S&Mazing stylings of Gimpressionism comes a whole new take on mosaic artwork: Prudisum.

“Whether it’s Georgia O’Keefe and her Godforsaken lady genital flowers or Andy Warhol and his paintings that are hung like soup cans, the art world is littered with enough filth to make Lucifer himself blush.”

To combat this filth, the Prudist artist has taken up the mighty brush and launched a full-on painted-pixel assault. Wonder what he’d think of this Shocker Costume.

(Links to the work below)

“The Little General” 
• •

“Napoleon Bonerparte”
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Beer Güt Shirt

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