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Art: “Gimpressionism” Hides Gimps in the Wild

Where’s Gimpo?

That’s no ordinary gimp hidden in the trees like so much Sasquatch. That’s SF Giants relief pitcher and fear-the-bearded Brian Wilson‘s gimp, The Machine. But these curious pieces aren’t all about him.

“It’s a panoply of sadomasochistic fellows”

says the creator, SF Copywriter cum Gimpressionist, Chris Elzinga.

UPDATE: Birch Please has been sold
within hours of this post

Take this piece, Birch Please. At first pass this 24″ x 48″ is just a tame, Bob Ross-esque nature scene. But like the buttoned-up Suit next to you on the train, there’s a Gimp hidden within…

Peruse and purchase at Gimpressionism »

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