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Gifts of the Season: Almanac Beer Co’s Announces Winter Wit

The third release from San Francisco‘s Almanac Beer Co. , Orange Wit, will be out just in time for SF Beer Week. The brew not only continues their trademark killer design and packaging (dig that gold foil!) but also their fresh, localvore approach to ingredients—with pesticide-free oranges from Hamada Farm in Kingsburg and fresh ginger root from Mellow’s Nursery in Morgan Hill. More info here. [Photo via Almanac Facebook]

You can treat yourself to their Autumn Farmouse Pale ’11 right now. I got to try it over the holiday…

Made with plums from Twin Girls Farms in the San Joaquin Valley you definitely taste ’em—with an Instant zing. Not in a cloyingly sweet way, but a refreshingly crisp way.

It poured a hazy, straw color with a snow-white head. On top of Mexican sugar and plums dancing on your palate, there’s plenty of grapefruit flavors and other zest freshening things up. And with the spicy, peppery finish to close out the experience, this autumn pale works well as a winter wonder. At 7%, you may still even be able to say that last part without stumbling.

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