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Sheen Wars: Darth Sheen is Winning

I was expecting to hate this. But it’s a wonderfully refreshing way to relive all those classic Sheen soundbites from so long, long ago. (Thanks, Mel)

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Stay On Target: Watch “Snowy Trench Run”
Family Guy: It’s A Trap! Trailer
Mashup: The Cure x Bob Marley “Waiting In Heaven”
Make A Wish: Slave Leia Bikini Carwash
OMG: Double Bikini Princess Leias Circa ‘82
Star Wars: Ecko Hoodies and Bikini Women Reading SW Scripts
Pop Quiz: What Beer is Princess Leia Toasting?
Whole Lotta Sabbath: Epic Led Zeppelin x Black Sabbath Mashup
WTF: Don Draper vs. Samwell “What What (In The Butt)”

Star Wars: Stormtrooper Singin’ In The Rain, Missing Lightsaber Scene & ‘Made In China’ Lightsaber

Some nice CG effects by Danny Choo. No doubt inspired by the VW GTI spot with David Elsewhere puppet-dancing for Gene Kelly.

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This lost lightsaber scene from Return of the Jedi just debuted at Celebration V (via) reminded me of an auction Mel and I went to where George Lucas donated an ‘authentic’ Obi Wan lightsaber …

… complete with ‘authentic’ Made In China sticker still present. You know, for added realism.

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MP3: Friday Five 04.02.10

What the Ümlaut’s got on repeat this week:

Richard Buckner‘s acoustic take on Town that practically broke my heart. The new Frank Black, er, Black Francis searing, road-worthy tune I’d love to crank somewhere between SF and LA. And back. Will Oldham, er, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy gone house-tastic on Hot Chip‘s I Feel Better. Plus, the damn Star Wars / Jay-Z parody I cannot get out of my head. So now I’ll get it stuck in yours. Enjoy.

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Richard Buckner “Town” (Acoustic) from Daytrotter Session 03.22.10

Will Oldham “Dreaming My Dreams” (The Cranberries)
from I Am Drinking Again 7″

Black Francis “Dead Man’s Curve” from NonStopErotik

Papercuts “Future Primitive” from You Can Have What You Want

Hot Chip “I Feel Bonnie (House Remix)”
Remixed w/Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy / Will Oldham vocals

Darth Vader Jay-Z “Galactic Empire State of Mind”
from College Humor Watch the video »

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WTF: Trololololololololololo

Let it load and it will be stuck in your head. All. Day.
Trololololololololololo.com (Thanks, Chris)


When your own reaction isn’t quite dramatic enough there’s Instant Vader
Nooooooooooooooo.com (thanks, Fang). Or, Instant Crickets, Instant Rimshot, and the always useful Sad Trombone.

Beer: First Look At Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale. WTF FTW!
WTF: Pinup Robert Downey Jr
WTF: Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza
WTF: Japanese Star Wars Chicken
WTF: Selleck Waterfall Sandwich
WTF: Male Genitalia-Shaped Cashew on Craigslist