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Star Wars: Darth Vader in Recording Studio for TomTom GPS


Watch Darth Vader lend his breathy pipes for the new Star Wars Voices on TomTom. It’s a lot like the trailer for Comedian by Jerry Seinfeld. By that I mean it’s pretty fantastic. (Thanks, Chris)

Today is official International Star Wars Day. The best way to celebrate? Geekin’ out with the Ümlaut:

Make A Wish: Slave Leia Carwash
Beer: Sierra Nevada’s The Empire Strikes Black
Star Wars: AT-AT Walkers made of Bacon, Legos, Cotton
Star Wars: Hitchcock’s North By Northwest Galaxy
Watch: Galactic Empire State of Mind
TV Remix: Magnum Solo P.I.
Star Wars: Admiral Ackbar As Ole Miss Mascot? It’s A Frat!
Fly Solo: Remote Control Millennium Falcon
Whoa: Clash Of The Titans Kraken Is Rancor Monster + Sarlacc Love Child
WTF: Japanese Star Wars Chicken
Update: Nic Cage as Lando Gets the Green Light!
Whoa: Star Wars x Adidas Video
OMG: Double Bikini Princess Leias Circa ‘82
SF: Roaming Star Wars Cantina Band In The Mission Halloween Nite!
Star Wars: Ecko Hoodies and Bikini Women Reading SW Scripts
Star Wars: In Concert “Stay On Key! … Stay On Key!!!”
Star Wars: Tauntaun Sleeping Bag Closer To Reality
Star Wars: 1st Cinematic Trailer For Old Republic “Deceived”
Play: Official Star Wars Soundboard
Videos: Star Wars vs Star Trek vs San Francisco
Lego: Star Wars Minifig Poster
Video: Star Wars Remixed As Opening of Dallas
Play: The Top 10 Awesome Star Wars Toys
Art: The Vader Project invades The Andy Warhol Museum


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