Ünnecessary Ümlaut


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Rökk: Lonely Island now Creative Directors for Unnecessarily Umlauted Vodka

Or rather, still.

Gawker just did a mention on Lonely Island becoming Creative Directors for Rökk Vodka. But the word on their hire hit streets last November along with this “viral” video starring Nicky Whelon. Maybe no one believed them ‘cuz of the name? Coming from Andy Samberg and crew, however necessary a Swedish umlaut is, it still seems like a fake product.

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Finally: Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Arrives

It’s been stateside for a couple months but just now poppin’ up at your average grocery and liquor stores.

Many non-beer geeks are unaware there’s different types of Guinness. Let alone eight. Most of us are familiar with the classic Guinness Draught and even Extra Stout found in bottles. Though new to the U.S. Guinness Foreign Extra is 200 years old and makes up for 40% of all Guinness sales in the world. The bulk of which in Africa.


ABV: 7.5%  11.02 oz bottle

The extra in Foreign Extra is hops. And malted barley. Hops stand up better in warmer climates. Like the origin of India Pale Ale, the bonus hops were added to help the beer survive the long journey at sea. In this case, from Ireland to Africa.

The good news? You can really taste the hops. The bad news? It’s freakin’ delicious. Which means how you handle your hankering for “a Guinness” just became an even tougher decision.

Foreign Extra coats your tongue with creamy bitterness. Hits you with a sharp flavor that’s toasty and almost cola-like. And all goes down with the characteristic smoothness you expect from Guinness. Well worth the 200-year wait.

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