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Crafterino: See “Elfis” The Christmas Elf Elvis AND Finish Your Holiday Shopping

Good beer, cool handmade holiday gifts, an Elvis elf, and a benefit for the homelss. How’s this for one-stop holiday shopping? The Holiday Crafterino:

  • Handmade gifts from 30+ Bay Area vendors
    including the incredible Blue Ribbon Salvage
  • Elfis the Christmas Elf Elvis Impersonator LIVE
  • Proceeds benefit the homeless, via COTS
  • Dozens of belgian and craft beers at TAPS

Get all the details at Downtown Petaluma Craft Mart. And check out Elfis’ site.

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TCB: Zombie and Day of the Dead Elvis Busts on Etsy
Beer: Deep Fried Bacon Dog and Anchor Humming Ale at TAPS Petaluma
Petaluma Whiskerino: ‘Beardo Optico’ Video
Drink: New Craft Beer Bar Opens In Downtown Petaluma, TAPS
Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute / Readying For Whiskerino
Cool: Fraternal Fist Bump, Circa 1890s
Jingle: Best Coast x Wavves Christmas Song for … Target?!

Rise: San Francisco’s REBEL8

Speaking of Elvis busts, had to show off my decanter sportin’ REBEL8 steez. Not the first time their gear’s popped up on the Umlaut.

Joshy D gave me this sticker back in ’04 when I was teaching at Academy of Art. He and Mike Giant were only a year into launching REBEL8. Then I was just happy to spot their gear around SF. Now, they’re on meteoric rise beyond the Bay. On Travis Barker and Lil Wayne. In insane collabs with SF’s Benny Gold and even Vans Shoes. I could not be more stoked.

Good dudes who’ve worked hard. Check out the latest from REBEL8. Follow their Twitter for special drops.

Sharpie: Mike Giant “SF” Prints and “Skate” Flash for Sale
Video: Death Metal Roostër
TCB: Zombie and Day of the Dead Elvis Busts on Etsy
Augmented Reality: Living Sasquatch
Video: Mike Giant on a Penny Farthing

TCB: Zombie and Day of the Dead Elvis Busts on Etsy

My oldest and most favorite desk tchotchke is a decanter-bust of the King. Plus, he was the soundtrack on My Hairy Commute. Suffice it to say, I loves me some Elvis. So when Rich sent me these incredible busts by Miss Lucky Hellcat I was floored. They’re not decanters, but they more than make up for it in style.

Check out her Dia De Los Muertos Elvis, Zombiefied Elvis, and even Joker Elvis. So rad. Thanks, Rich!

SF: Honk If You Love Zombies
Art: Dia De Los Muertos by Sylvia Ji
Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute / Readying For Whiskerino
Crafty: Drinks and Gifts at Etsy Handmade Ho-Down @ 1015 Folsom
Photo: Hacked Road Sign Warns of Douche

MP3: Friday Five 10.09.09

Rock out with the Umlaut every Friday

Hope to see everyone out at Whiskerino this weekend for some fine-follicled tomfoolery!

Marshall Tucker Band “This Ol’ Cowboy” from Where We All Belong

Old 97’s “Timebomb” from Clay Pigeons OST

The Odd Numbers “Little Kings and Queens” from About Time

Built To Spill “Aisle 13” from There Is No Enemy

Dead Man’s Bones “In The Room Where You Sleep” from s/t

Elvis Presley “Roustabout” (outtake) from Collectors Gold, Nashville

Rock out with the Umlaut every Friday.