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Gallery: World’s Ugliest Dog Contest 2012, UK’s Mugly Wins

Despite this winning tongue being so, um, fetching, it didn’t take the #1 spot. See the World’s Ugliest Dog 2012 below…

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I got to hold an ugly dog!!!

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More tongue. And no that isn’t a bloody goiter, it was a brooch. Naturally.

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So ugly, you gotta keep it under wraps. Even at an Ugly Dog contest.

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Icky, returning favorite and one of the stars of  Worst In Show, takes the stage.

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Apparently the fact that there’s never been any international entrants in the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest has garnered the contest some flack. Finally, this year got a dog from outside the U.S., named Mugly, from the UK. And guess what, Mugsy won. Coincidence? Sure, it was definitely cute. But it wasn’t the cutest-by-way-of-ugliest.

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See the video from last year’s Ugliest Dog Contest:

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