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Claw Here: Kiss Kat Wacky Pack

If this was real, Danzig’s cat would totally eat it. Sadly it’s just one of the Wacky Packages my son just bought. Forgot how rad these are. (Official Site)

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Spooky: Lynda Carter Dancing with KISS
Spooky: Danzig with Cat Food in a Danzig Shirt
Gif: Floating Cat is Hypnotic
Video: Breakdance Cat Attack
Video: Creepy Raccoon Hand and Sleepwalking Dog
Music Vid: Cat-Laden “Red Lights” by Holy Fuck
Video: CHiPs ’82 KISS Homage “Rock Devil Rock”
Eat: Rock ‘N Roll All Night With KISS M&Ms
MP3s: Rock out with the Ümlaut


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