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Video: CHiPs ’82 KISS Homage “Rock Devil Rock”

Sweet fancy Moses! I cannot express how spectacularly awful this is … If you love so-bad-it’s-good schtüff, click play already. Like, now.

My friend had this on an old VHS tape. Got worse/funnier with every watch. Happy DaysDonny Most turns in the performance of his career as Moloch, the terrorized frontman of a KISS-like band. An unintentionally candy-ass version, but KISS-like nonetheless.

What to look for:

• Awkward, flaming performance of “Devil Take Me” complete with akwardly rockin’ concertgoers

• Ponch climbs into a speeding hearse from his speeding motorcycle

• Ponch’s partner mans both speeding cycles during in-hearse rescue

• Speeding hearse blows up for no reason, ala Toonces or a Ford Pinto

Thanks for watching.

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  1. mike says:

    i know this is no place for logic but if my 8-track player told me i must die, purple smoke started coming out of nowhere, and then my breaks suddenly stopped working why would i speed up and drive faster?

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