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July 24: SRL Robots Coming to Petaluma Rivertown Revival!!!

This’ll be Survival Research Labs‘ first show since moving from their 25 yr home of San Francisco to Petaluma.

Mark Pauline and crew will be showing off two robots—Running Machine and Big Arm—along with “special props”. Do not miss what is already going to be a craz-fun time for peeps, geeks, and families alike.

More info at SRL and The Rivertown Revival.

SATURDAY, JULY 24 ~ 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Steamer Landing Park, Petaluma

Look for Blue Ribbon Salvage, Lagunitas Brewing Company, and even peeps from The Handcar Regatta.

The fest goes on all afternoon, with events on water and several stages on land. Check the full schedule.

Whiskerino: Postcard Peeps at the Great Handcar Regatta 2009
Pics: RoboGames Beer BBQ Fundraiser at Lagunitas
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