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Watch: How To Master the Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener

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Lagunitas has been selling these badass Butterfly Bottle Openers for a while. So we helped them create these videos to teach you how to wield the things without spillin’ your beer (or makin’ a fool of yourself). Look for more very soon.

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Beer Güt Shirt

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Neighbors: Mike Giant on How To Get Shit Done

Doesn’t matter if you’re in advertising, design, or freakin’ basket weaving. The most successful are usually the most self-disciplined. In short, the ones who “do it and get it done … no fuckin’ around.” Wise words.

Neighbors is a documentary-ish series by See the rest »

How To: Make a Guinness Black & Orange (Smashed Pumpkin)

This simple concoction seriously tastes like pumpkin pie à la mode. And its colors are perfect for cheering the San Francisco Giants. Win, win.

It works with any pumpkin beer, but I prefer Smashed Pumpkin Ale from Shipyard‘s Pugsley’s Signature Series. It’s big on flavor without tasting like a packet of pumpkin spice dropped in a beer. There’s a great writeup on it at Brewed For Thought.


How To: Make a Gummy Bear Burst Into Flames

This vid’s been around a while but’s new to me. Apparently the oxidizing agent in molten-hot Potassium Chlorate reacts violently to the sugar in a helpless lil’ Gummy Bear. Pretty rad.

Definitely more advanced science than using glycerin to make an invisible bottle.

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NSFW: Tron-a-Sutra

There’s nothing sexier than a glowing girl contorting with a double-chinned dude in his Tron Underoos … actually, everything’s sexier than this. But it’s my job to share it with you.

Shot with a RED camera, After Effects, a Mac, and a couple crappy bicycle helmets.”

See Tron-a-sutra videos for 20 positions, including the 69, the lesser-known 68, the Sitting Bull, and the Pearly Gates. Get the full story here.

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