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Beer: Nøgne Ø Winter Ale

While IsItSnowingInSanFrancisco.com still says No, we’re pretty damn close to getting that foreign substance I knew as a lad called “snow”.  What better time to crack into this snowflake-laden Norwegian import.

Nøgne Ø (which means “naked island”) is a craft brewery in Grimstad, a barron, desolate region of Norway. Hence the name. They’ve been getting more exposure Stateside thanks to an infusion of American stylings in their quality brews and interesting collaborations with the likes of Stone, Jolly Pumpkin, and gypsy import, Mikkeller.

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Coincidentally, it’s also my Music to Drink Glögg to:

Fredrik “White On White” from Origami EP

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Ø Winter Ale pours dark brown with a lacy tan head and scent heavy on caramel and clove.

For as full and strong as this is (8.5% ABV), it’s amazingly lush and fluffy. Not heavy. That’s not to say this is some cream puff. It’s dark and rich. And right off the bat you get an immediate punch of festive spices, chocolate and coffee. All rolling through to a sweet smoky finish. Like, last log on the fire smoky. Yum.

See if you can track this down at your local beer geek shop (got mine at City Beer) before IsItSnowingInSanFrancisco says Yes.

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