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Music to Drink Glögg to: Fredrik “White on White”

If you’ve never had Glögg it’s the Nordic version of mulled wine (warm, spiced, yummy). The perfect libation for thawing out after a Chicago winter’s day. Or San Francisco summer. This new Fredrik tune has the same effect. Beginning cold and wintery with a howling wind chorus and falling snowflake chimes. Finishing warm and soothing. Like, torrential blizzard outside and you’re too glögged to care.

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Fredrik “White On White” from Origami EP [follow]

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Our friends at The Kora Records sent this little surprise over early this week and I’ve been listening to it ever since. Was gonna include it on today’s Friday Five but decided it needed its own spotlight.

Hailing from Sweden and beginning as a duo, Fredrik Hultin and the awesomely bearded O. Lindefelt have added singer and instrumentalist Anna Moberg for their latest release. It’s only an EP but it provides a good taste of what’s to come from their new full length due in March 2011.

Pre-order the limited edition vinyl (with digital download) »

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