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Spooky: Bellevue Golf-Course-on-Cemetery Takes Cue From Mini-Golf-Course-Under-Funeral-Home

Though a lot more serious (deadpan?) than the miniature golf course in the Basement of Ahlgrim’s Funeral Home, the new 820 sq. ft. green and fairway at Sunset Hills Memorial Park in Bellevue definitely falls into the same world. They’re both functional. But where the Ahlgrim’s mini course serves to comfort the grieving children and provide a little escape, Sunset Hills is a full-on cemetery with 1,281 plots and a vault for cremated remains (accessible through the golf hole itself).

Arne Swanson, Sunset Hills’ funeral home marketing director, explained the concept to Seattle Weekly in an interview today. “There’s a vault installed below the green,” he said. “A passageway leads up to the top of the green and the hole.”

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