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Rock: KISS MINI Coopers on Tour / Auction

I thought this was just a kick-ass poster. But they’re actually auctioning these KISS-covered Countryman MINIs. And you can order custom KISS wraps for your own MINI. Kick-ass!

Now if they only made Gene Simmons Bloody Tongue Car Fresheners to hang on your mirror, we’d be in business. Though I’d settle for a special KISS Kat seat.

On May 29th the autographed KISS MINIs See the rest »

Pixar: Matt Damon in Cars 2 Fake Ad

Matt Damon dons a fake moustache in this fun little fake-real car commercial for Cars 2 (via AdFreak). Of course it’s not Stu Stubin‘s car lot located in Emeryville, it’s Pixar. But whether you call the phone number at the end or catch the “secret” interruption, you’ll find the following transmission (no pun intended) …


That jump cut at the end had a heat-vision view of Finn McMissile, the new Cars 2 character voiced by Michael Caine, and a URL. The site redirects to the awesome footage below…


DWI: The New Hyundai Equus Owners Manual is an iPad

Even more impressive than a first like iPad-as-owners-manual, or a VO from Jeff Bridges, is how the new Equus glovebox can actually fit an iPad. Mine barely holds a glove. Maybe that’s ‘cuz it’s Swarovski encrusted?

$48k iPad comes with free Hyundai

While every Equus comes with a 16GB WiFi Apple iPad you don’t have to own the car to get the app, download it free on iTunes. But it might make more sense if you did.

Nice work from Jera Mehrdad and team at Innocean Worldwide. Music from Future Perfect.

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Boom: Car Explodes Outside Wells Fargo in SF

At just about noon I heard a loud pop outside from my 10th floor office. After more pops I leaned out and saw this flaming spectacle on Montgomery St & Post @ Market in San Francisco.

Stay tuned …

UPDATE: Here’s video from the 15th floor of my building (just five floors up from where I snapped these crappy iPhone pics)

See the video from Andy Reitz »

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How To: Turn Your Car Into a Tranny Mobile



One Hot Tranny Mobile

Just in case your VW Bug thinks it’s a guy (it’s not). Or your giant pickup just isn’t quite sure which way it swings. There’s CarStache, CarLashes, and Truck Balls to set the record straight. Phew. (Thanks, Nicole)

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