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Starscape: Rotating Time-Lapse is Inception of Astrology

The problem with all the time lapse vids where the stars spin across the sky all magical like, is that’s just it—it’s magic. The Earth should be moving, not the stars. BulletPeople made this important correction on a video originally shot by José Francisco Salgado and S. Guisard. The result is unsettlingly cool.

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Watch: Jesse’s Magical Follicles

Wow. Some serious planning and facial hair went into this vid.

Makes my time lapse commute beard look more than a bit choppy by comparison. And makes my head hurt just thinking how he reverse engineered the whole thing. Cheers to MailChimp for using this to showcase their growth potential. (Thanks, Tim!)

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Time Lapse: Jeremy Fish “As The Mind Wanders” for Decoder Ring

See all 21 layers in this time-lapse vid for #10 in a series …

Jeremy Fish Time Lapse: As The Mind Wanders, Decoder Ring #10

The Decoder Ring Design Concern is a design partnership in Austin, TX whose mission is “to do work we love for clients we admire.” They also do a series of fine art prints where they let you click-through the process layers of each artist’s work. Making the finished product that much more impressive.

This is the tenth installment in their Decoder Print Artist Series. Past artists include Tara McPherson, Gary Baseman, and Dalek.

Following this over the last several days I thought it’d be rad to see ‘em in motion. Edison’s “Tonka Truck” felt like the perfect soundtrack. Enjoy.

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Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute / Readying For Whiskerino

Every day, I take the bus from Petaluma to San Francisco. Every year, I grow a beard for the Petaluma Whiskerino contest. This time, I thought I’d combine the two.

I shot most every workday for 2.5 months, except for the days I drove. Not an exact, or smooth, science. But hope you enjoy.

Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute on Vimeo.

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(or Why you shouldn’t mess with
beard-enhancing drugs

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Beer Güt Shirt

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Whoa: COMBO Collaborative Animation by BLU and David Ellis

Lotta planning (and talent) went into this. Amazing. (Thanks, Rich!)

David Ellis’ site. BLU’s site.

BLU’s “MUTO” from last year:

Stop Motion: Sorry I’m Late and Chalkpipe
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Time Lapse: Beard Growth While Walking Across China


Time Lapse: Beard Growth While Walking Across China

Damnit! I am in the process of doing a vid like this for the upcoming Petaluma Whiskerino. Instead of walking across China, it’s even further—my commute from Petaluma to San Francisco. Heh heh.

Bitterness aside, this video from Christoph Rehage is awesomely impressive.

Whiskerino: Jack Passion Does Regis, NYC


Art: Brian Caraway / Mills College MFA Exhibition Opens Saturday


This Saturday @ 7 pm, The Mills College Art Museum will open its ’09 Exhibition Young Americans, featuring works by their 2009 Master of Fine Arts degree recipients.

Brian Caraway, Friend of the Umlaut and one of the eight lucky artists, gave us a peek inside his studio during the final weeks of prep. Days before shaving his time-lapse beard.

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