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Watch: Las Vegas Circa ’62 & San Francisco ’58

I love how you can see the edge of the 16mm film flashing by.

Just dreamy.

Though I’ve been in SF for well over a decade, I lived in Vegas for years and would go there every summer while growing up in Chicago. To say I have a soft spot for the “old” Vegas would be like saying I just sorta-kinda like beer.


See San Francisco 1958:  

Colorist Jeff Altman transferred these amazing Kodachrome videos of his Grandparents’ travels and is sharing them on his Vimeo. Go explore and be sure to check out the Disneyland footage. (Thanks for the tip, Ty)

The Metasciences “Weary Worker’s Project” [follow]

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Vintage Vegas: Moustache Cup from Caesars Palace
One Lung Bandit: Vintage Cigarette Slot Machine
Vintage Beer Can: Western Beer
Premake: Pixar’s Up! Remixed as Swingin’ 1960s Disney
Cool: Fraternal Fist Bump, Circa 1890s
Fail: Vintage CHiPs and Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures
Found: Vintage Beer Cans In Wall Of Lower Haight Apt.

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