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Eat: The Top 10 Funniest Food Names

There’s so much material here I’m not going to even touch it. And even that sounds like a veiled euphemism.

I can’t believe they didn’t have one salty bag of “My Nuts”! See what made the list at Los Angeles Foodie along with explanations/translations of what the hell these names actually mean. (Thanks, Chris!)

Taiwan: You’re Gonna Love My Nuts
Big In Japan: Black Man Undies, Ball Blushers, and Tommy Lee Jones
Eat: Cheeseburger In a Can, As a Cupcake
Daily Show: The Dick Swett Incident
Eat: Bacon-Infused Ice Cream & Pig Nipples

SFBW: “Hop Stoopid + Bacon” Beer Ice Cream at Humphry Slocombe

All week, Humphry Slocombe is releasing different beer ice cream concoctions daily in honor of SF Beer Week. If you’re familiar their amazing ice cream alchemy, you know how talented they are at bringing together interesting (and disparate) ingredients to create Wonka-like wonders.

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid + Bacon Ice Cream
With the hoppy green flavors and smoky, salty bacon you could easily call this Weed + Bacon Ice Cream and I’d believe you. But I think I’ve figured out what really went into this:

  1. Extract raw Cream of Hops from Lagunitas Hop Stoopid
  2. Mix with Cream of Bacon
  3. Blend with Cream of Cream
  4. Swirl together using horn of baby unicorn*
    (*or sugarcane, if unavailable)

I really appreciate how Old Thunderpussy and Hairy Eyeball are on top of each other. Just sayin’.

Menu changes daily (and this was yesterday’s). So hurry down. Daily.

Participating Breweries: Dogfish Head, Speakeasy, Bison, Fifty Fifty, Valley Brew, Triple Rock, Drakes, Shmaltz,  Magnolia , 21A,  Firestone Walker, Beach Chalet, Thirsty Bear, Lagunitas, Uncommon Brewers, Blue Frog, Trumer, Shiner, Bridgeport, Moonlight, Iron Springs, Eel River, Bear Republic, Sierra Nevada

More info at Beer and Nosh. Or follow Humphry Slocombe’s Twitter.

Beer: Start Your Livers …. SF Beer Week Is Go!!!
Pics of Bacon Beer, Burnt Toast Beer, at Winter Brews Fest
Celebrate: International Bacon Day
Beer: Lagunitas Now Offering Virtual Tastings
Eat: The secret ice cream spot I cannot keep secret, Humphry Slocombe

Go: Bacon Beer ‘n More at Oakland’s Winter Brew Fest Saturday

I’ve been thinking about Bacon Beer ever since Mario from Brewed For Thought tipped me off last week. Finally, the day is upon us. Here’s four reasons to join us tomorrow!

  1. Bacon Beer from Uncommon Brewers!
  2. Lagunitas Brown Shugga-injected Hudson Ranch Heritage Pig Sandwiches from the The Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton!
  3. Rare brews from 40 local breweries and beyond (many 10% ABV and above!)
  4. Bacon Beer from Uncommon Brewers!

Saturday, January 30 ~ 1pm to 8 pm

The Linden St. Brewery
95 Linden Street (@ West Embarcadero)
Oakland, CA


Beer: Lagunitas Now Offering Virtual Tastings
Yum: Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Dynamo Donuts
HowTo: Turbaconducken (Yes, Turducken Wrapped In Bacon)
Celebrate International Bacon Day
HowTo: Make A Flaming Bacon Lance of Death
Eat: Bacon-Infused Ice Cream & Pig Nipples

Yum: Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Dynamo Donuts

Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Dynamo Donuts

Run, don’t walk, to Dynamo Donuts on 24th. ‘Cuz afterwards you’ll be in a bacon coma and glad you got a little up time. Speaking of healthy, they’re just a few blocks from the ice cream splendor of Humphry Solcombe.

Box of Dynamo Donuts

Their other goods are all equally interesting, like the licorice lovers’ Chocolate Star Anise. None as sweetly/salty/bacon-y-licious as the Maple Glazed Bacon Apple donut. Sweet fancy Moses, go grab a box STAT.

Peruse their menu at DynamoDonut.com.

HowTo: Turbaconducken (Yes, Turducken Wrapped In Bacon)
Celebrate International Bacon Day
HowTo: Make A Flaming Bacon Lance of Death
Eat: Bacon-Infused Ice Cream & Pig Nipples

Beer: Deep Fried Bacon Dog and Anchor Humming Ale at TAPS Petaluma

Anchor Brewing Humming Ale

Had a Dude’s Day with my boys this weekend. Wrestling (no, not on TV). Video games (yes, on tv). Playing at the park. Then wrapped it up with some baconized dogs and football at Petaluma’s new craft beer bar, Taps. Highly recommended (all of the above).

Anchor Humming Ale
How rad is Taps? They’re the first bar I’ve seen to get a hold of this draught-only special release, Humming Ale. Brewed to commemorate Anchor Brewing’s move to their present facilities in 1979, a former coffee roastery on Potrero Hill, where they’ve been “humming” ever since.

It’s a crisp Pale Ale that tastes a lot like a toned-down Anchor Steam. The smoothness comes from the addition of a rare hop variety, Nelson Sauvin. More on Humming Ale here.

Taps Petaluma's Deep Fried Bacon Dog

Deep-Fried Bacon Dog
On the menu at Taps is a BLT Dog: Deep-fried bacon wrapped dog with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. But for me, the lettuce and tomatoes just get in the way. So I got it smothered in pepper jack cheese instead. Yes.

Bite of the Taps Petaluma Deep Fried Bacon Dog

(Cross section of bacon-wrapped, cheese-smothered amazingness.)

August with 3" Mini Kiddie Dog at Taps Petaluma

3” Mini Kiddie Dogs
Nice that they have menu options for the little guys. These dogs were the perfect size for my 3 and 6 yr olds.

Hit up Taps soon, not sure how long the Humming will last!

Drink: New Craft Beer Bar Opens In Downtown Petaluma, TAPS

Eat: Pizza Politana at Bloodhound SF Monday’s & Lagunitas Friday’s

Joel / Pizza Politana on ABC News

Congrats to the Bay Area’s best mobile, authentic Neapolitan pizza artisans, Pizza Politana. Just featured in an ABC News article on Street Foods. And now securing spots at two killer watering holes. Stop by, grab a ‘za, and give big ups to Petaluma wönder duo, Joel and Naomi.

Bloodhound (Folsom at 7th, SF)

San Francisco Ferry Building (Farmers’ Market)

Lagunitas TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary (Petaluma)

Find out where they’ll roll next …
Follow them on Twitter: @PizzaPolitana.

Lagunitas TapRoom and Beer Sanctuary Now Open

Celebrate: International Bacon Day

What are you doin’ for International Bacon Day?
It’s this Saturday, September 5. Here’s some starters for ya …

Fused Bacon

This serendipitous concoction occurred at my InLaws in Cambria. Apparently if you lay a bunch of bacon close together and turn your back long enough, they’ll transform into a bacony blanket of bliss. Make two so you can curl up with one after you pass out from the first.

Bacon-Infused Old Fashioned with Baconized Makers Mark

Not too long ago, Tyler made some Baconized Maker’s Mark and some some Baconized stickers that quickly Baconized every possible surface in the office. Say it again, Baconized!

2 ounces bacon-infused bourbon
1/4 ounce Grade B maple syrup
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Twist of orange

Full cocktail recipe at NYmag.

HowTo: Make A Flaming Bacon Lance of Death
Eat: Bacon-Infused Ice Cream & Pig Nipples
Recipe for Bacon Explosion via BBQ Addicts

Eat: Naked Lunch, Logo by Jeremy Fish

Naked Lunch San Francisco

“Good wholesome reflection”

A new sandwich spot has popped up next to the old Enrico’s in North Beach: Naked Lunch. Resident artist and fav of the Umlaut, Jeremy Fish did their logo. Which is what caught my attention. But one look at the menu and I’m on a mission. Even though I’ve got my fav sando stand, The Sentinel, half a block from my office,  this sounds worth the hike up to North Beach.  Drool on this:

+ Foie Gras & Duck Prosciutto Sandwich
 w/ Heirloom Tomato, Butter Lettuce, White Truffle Oi

+ Salty Dulce de Leche Ice Cream from Flash Freeze

The menu’s limited and things can run out,
so follow their updates on Twitter.


New Jeremy Fish Shirts from Upper Playground
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Eat: Bacon-Infused Ice Cream and Pigs Nipples
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