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Trailer: Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival “Latte”

Steep yourself in the sonic deliciousness
of The Audio Program

With 53 documentaries packed into 4 days of the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, there’s a lot of decisions to make. However, The Audio Program is a no brainer. Presented by the production sound legends behind Apocalypse NowA Bug’s Life, and more, Pat Jackson & Dan GleichThe Audio Program runs Saturday, March 31. The festival goes from March 29th through April 1st.

This is the first of two trailers Director Beau Bouverat  and production co. TINBIKE partnered with ABERCROMBIE+ALCHEMY to create for the SDFF. With delicious sound design by Chris Vibberts‘ Music For Film. See #2 below.

See the full program at SebastopolFilmFestival.org »


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  1. [...] You might not know Fred Abercrombie‘s name right off the bat, but to provide a reminder, while at Organic, the copywriter penned the horrifying, yet intriguing Meth Project PSAs that were directed by Darren Aronofsky. Anyhow, after a year at Organic, which was behind said campaign, Abercrombie has moved on to launch his own, Petaluma, CA-based shop called ABERCROMBIE+ALCHEMY. Abercrombie & Co. are still a couple of weeks from an official site launch/announcement, but they did take the time to create this clip for the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, specifically its Audio Program series that’s being held in San Francisco at month’s end. Check out more info here. [...]

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