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Early Warning: The Lagunitas Beer Circus is Coming May 16!


If you saw the pics from the 2009 Beer Circus you’ll stop reading and call the number below to grab tickets. If you were lucky enough to attend, you should already be on the phone right now. Seriously. More info below …

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Beer: First Look At Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale. WTF FTW!

A lil’ background on Wilco Tango Foxtrot via the Lagunitas website:

“… It was Supposed to Follow the 2009 Correction Ale with the Name ‘2010 Recovery Ale’, but it Doesn’t Look Like We’ll Be There by March. WTF?”

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SFBW: Beerlesque Fest at TAPS Petaluma THIS FRIDAY

What a way to kick off the last weekend of SF Beer Week. Belly dancers, snake charmers, and crazy accordions. Plus a slew of Lagunitas brews and the perfect food pairings for each. It’s all happening this Friday in the cool old back hall of TAPS Petaluma. All for only $10! You know this is going to be a serious party (Exhibit A: Beer Circus) so don’t sleep.

The Golden Mean Snail Car and Boiler Bar Performers will be headlining!

See directions to TAPS »

Beer: Lagunitas Beer Circus pics
SFBW: “Hop Stoopid + Bacon” Beer Ice Cream at Humphry Slocombe
SFBW: Start Your Livers …. SF Beer Week Is Go!!!
Drink: New Craft Beer Bar Opens In Downtown Petaluma, TAPS


SFBW: Start Your Livers …. SF Beer Week Is Go!!!

With tonight’s opening gala it’s official, the 2nd annual San Francisco Beer Week is on. Over 200 different events over the next week, all around the Bay. Yes, two hundo! Here’s five to get you started. See 7×7 Magazine top picks here.

Humphry Slocombe Beer Ice Cream (more Humphry here)
:: All Week

Russian River releases Pliny The Younger
:: Friday, Feb 5

Schmaltz night at TAPS Petaluma
:: Monday, Feb 8

10th Annual Double IPA Festival at The Bistro in Hayward
:: Saturday, Feb 6

Cobb’s Comedy Club hosts Lagunitas & Other Breweries
:: Wednesday, Feb 10

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Beer: Pics of Bacon Beer, Burnt Toast Beer, and others at the Winter Brews Fest

Big thanks to Mario at Brewed For Thought for hookin’ up the Ümlaut at Beer Network’s Winter Brews Fest last Saturday.

I finally got to try Uncommon Brewers Bacon Beer. It was tangy, malty sweet, and even a little slick (pork fat, perhaps?). But not as bacon-y as I was dreaming for. Surprisingly subtle in the bacon dept., actually. I met the brewer, Alec, who gave official confirmation there is actual pork inside this brew—not the pork pictured above, that was Lagunitas Brown Shugga -injected Hog from Sean Paxton The Homebrew Chef.

Moonlight Brewing Burn Toast Ale smelled and tasted exactly that, but in a good way. Such a good way.

Jeremy Marshal and Tony Magee of Lagunitas tune things up.

Winner of Petaluma Whiskerino “Best Combo Beard/’Stache”, Shawn Spreng, holding a glass of Firehouse Grill Imperial Red Ale. One of my favorites of the afternoon. Right up there with Valley Brewing Decadent Darkness and Odonata Rosa (one of two sours I’ve ever wanted to have more of).

Petaluma represent! Fred flanked by Jeremy and Tony.

See the full slideshow and recap at Brewed For Thought »

“Hop Stoopid + Bacon” Beer Ice Cream at Humphry Slocombe
Beer: Lagunitas Now Offering Virtual Tastings
Yum: Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Dynamo Donuts
HowTo: Turbaconducken (Yes, Turducken Wrapped In Bacon)
Celebrate International Bacon Day
HowTo: Make A Flaming Bacon Lance of Death
Eat: Bacon-Infused Ice Cream & Pig Nipples


Go: Bacon Beer ‘n More at Oakland’s Winter Brew Fest Saturday

I’ve been thinking about Bacon Beer ever since Mario from Brewed For Thought tipped me off last week. Finally, the day is upon us. Here’s four reasons to join us tomorrow!

  1. Bacon Beer from Uncommon Brewers!
  2. Lagunitas Brown Shugga-injected Hudson Ranch Heritage Pig Sandwiches from the The Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton!
  3. Rare brews from 40 local breweries and beyond (many 10% ABV and above!)
  4. Bacon Beer from Uncommon Brewers!

Saturday, January 30 ~ 1pm to 8 pm

The Linden St. Brewery
95 Linden Street (@ West Embarcadero)
Oakland, CA


Beer: Lagunitas Now Offering Virtual Tastings
Yum: Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Dynamo Donuts
HowTo: Turbaconducken (Yes, Turducken Wrapped In Bacon)
Celebrate International Bacon Day
HowTo: Make A Flaming Bacon Lance of Death
Eat: Bacon-Infused Ice Cream & Pig Nipples


Beer: Lagunitas Now Offering Virtual Tastings

Haven’t tasted Brown Shugga‘ yet? Or Olde GnarlyWine? Slap yourself. Then take a virtual taste with Lagunitas Brewmaster Jeremy Marshal. There’s now short lil’ videos for almost all their beers on Lagunitas.com.

After you whet your virtual whistle (get your mind out of the gutter) go down and have some actual tastings at their TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary. Every week they tap a different firkin of some crazy brew you won’t find on shelves anywhere, like Yumberry Pale, Drunken Russian Imperial Ruben, and Mocha Stout. Plus, they just added a whole bunch of sandwiches to their menu.

I’m headin’ there right now. Cheers!

Father’s Office, Lagunitas, And A Small World Story I’ll Never Forget
Beer: Lagunitas Zappa & The Jets Gets Special Treatment
Lagunitas TapRoom and Beer Sanctuary Now Open
Beer: Lagunitas Beer Circus Pics
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Beer: Lagunitas Releases “Little Sumpin’ Extra! Ale”

Lagunitas Little Sumpin Extra

Fresh from the brewery in sunny Petaluma. Bottled only three days ago.  It’s a bigger, better version of the limited (and unfortunately all-gone) Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale.

Little Sumpin’ Extra! Ale, in the words of the brewer, Tony Magee:
“Honey and tropical fruit.. This is not beer as we have known it.”

Mmm, quaffable. Look for it in stores in the comin’ weeks.

For the geeks: 72.52 IBU, OG 1.082, 8.74% Alc 

More Lagunitas on the Umlaut…


Beer: Lagunitas Zappa Beer “Ruben & The Jets” Gets Special Treatment

lagunitas ruben beer barrel

Lagunitas Ruben Bourbon Beer Barrels

Snapped these pics back in February while at the Beer Circus. They’re super-special versions of my favorite from Lagunitas’ now defunct Frank Zappa Series, Ruben and The Jets.

According to Brewed For Thought, two versions should be hitting the TapRoom and select drafts in the coming weeks:

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ruben and The Jets

Ruben and The Bretts
(barrel-aged, dosed with brett and cherries)

Read more at Brewed For Thought.

Lagunitas TapRoom and Beer Sanctuary Now Open
Father’s Office, Lagunitas, And A Small World Story I’ll Never Forget
Beer: Lagunitas Beer Circus Pics
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Beer: Lagunitas TapRoom and Beer Sanctuary NOW OPEN


Gentle-persons, prepare your livers. It’s opening weekend at the new Lagunitas TapRoom and Beer Sanctuary in Petaluma, CA. Swing on by!

Tons of tasty schtuff on tap, including rarities like Bourbon Barrel Cappuccino Stout and the keg-only Farmhouse Saison.

• •   • •

Beer Güt Shirt

• •   • •


Wednesday thru Sunday with live music, sandwiches and snacks.

Hours of operation will be Weds, Thurs, and Fri from 3–9 pm.

Saturday and Sunday from 1–7 pm. More pics …


Fred between Lagunitas Beer Weasel, Ron Lindenbusch and head brewing beastmaster Tony Magee. Cheers, fellas!

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Last Call: Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale

Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale

If you see this malty-sweet, strong ale on the shelves, snag it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone ’til next Spring. Which if you love this beer like I do, might as well be forever. The next limited release from Lagunitas is A Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’.  How do I know? I’m drinkin’ Sumpin’ now …


Pics: RoboGames Beer BBQ Fundraiser at Lagunitas

Beer Bash on the Lagunitas Brewery Floor

Saturday was the RoboGames 2009 fundraiser partay at Lagunitas in Petaluma. The highlight, 2nd to all-you-can-drink beer, was crowd-pleasin’ robot “Beer Bash”; made from a half-keg of, you guessed it, Lagunitas.

Check out the gallery … See the rest »


Beer: Lagunitas 2009 Correction Ale

Lagunitas 2009 Correction Ale

Just picked up Lagunitas’ newest Limited Release, the not-a-double-IPA “2009 Correction Ale”. Straight from the source in Petaluma. Mmm … brewery fresh. Not just a Homer-ism. This stuff tastes wet-hop fresh. Bright, floral, and big on the piney hops I love so much. Perfect for sippin’ your way through these thirsty, economic times. Read what Tony wrote on the label.

For the Beer Geeks:  6.33% ABV 74.20 IBU

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Beer: Top 50 Craft Breweries List Released

The Brewers Association released their list of top craft brewing companies (based on ’08 sales). Go, Lagunitas! See the full list.

2    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.    Chico    CA
15    Anchor Brewing Co.    San Francisco    CA
18    Stone Brewing Co.    Escondido    CA
24    Gordon Biersch Brewing Co.    San Jose    CA
27    The Lagunitas Brewing Co.    Petaluma    CA
28    Firestone Walker Brewing Co.    Paso Robles    CA
31    BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery    Huntington Beach    CA
39    Karl Strauss Brewing Co.    San Diego    CA
41    Lost Coast Brewery and Cafe    Eureka    CA
44    North Coast Brewing Co.    Fort Bragg    CA
49    Anderson Valley Brewing Co.    Boonville    CA

While 11 of the 50  top-selling craft brewers are from California, it’s Vermont that has the most breweries per capita. I think we’re too busy enjoying local brews to brew our own. That’s my excuse, anyway.