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NYC: It’s Been a Pleasure

I just completed four rapid-fire trips for work in NYC. Looking back, I saw a lot of random schtüff (no surprise). Here’s my favorites.

I saw the Best Wet Paint Sign in NYC:

° °

We saw Sexy Spidey Sax play Careless Whisper and a Pomeranian sing Who Let The Dogs Out. In the same day.

° °

A guy, with all the sincerity of a Green Peace volunteer, explain the meaning of the Fart Smeller Movement.

° °

I was graced by this vision of the Patron Saint of Manly ‘Staches, Tom Selleck.

° °

Saint Selleck shined upon me and granted a run-in with pal and fellow hairy Bay Areain, Jack Passion.

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Explore the Space: Experiential Copywriting at Ace NYC

Sure, staying above the one-and-only tap of Sixpoint’s John Dory Oyster Stout is nice. And the WWI aesthetic is not only a great vibe but a comfy one, too. It’s the little bits of personality sprinkled about that speak to the ad nerd in me. I love it when brands take the time to weave themselves throughout the experience in a fun way. ‘Cuz in the end, that’s branding.

A subtle hint on the ironing board and a kind affirmation on the hanger for afterwards.

Kenny Rogers wants you to see more:  See the rest »


FNO NYC MP3s: Real Estate, Best Coast, Foster The People, Beach Fossils, and School of Seven Bells

If you’re in NYC the late-night, über-shopping extravaganza Fashion’s Night Out is tonight (9/8) with a grip of free shows, if you can beat past the hordes. Here’s a prêt-à-porter playlist with links to show info down below.

Real Estate @ 44 Mercer Street

Real Estate “It’s Real” from Days [follow]

• •

Best Coast @ Helmut Lang

Best Coast “Sunny Adventure”
from split 7” with Jeff The Brotherhood [follow]

• •

Foster The People @ Lacoste

Foster The People “Pumped Up Kicks” from Torches [follow]

• •

Beach Fossils @ Bloomingdale’s

Beach Fossils “Sometimes” from Sometimes [follow]

• •

School of Seven Bells @ Treasure & Bond

School of Seven Bells “Connjur” (Acoustic) from
Stereogum Decomposed Session [follow]

• •

Get times and full list at See the rest »


BeerCause: 15,000 Bottle Caps for Africa

Why? To help decorate a library and Internet Learning Center in Loita, Kenya. I know a few of you could drink enough to cover a whole wing in a weekend.

I ran into this guy at See the rest »


Bar Closed: Due to Irene, Jesus

Bars and businesses were expecting the wrath of God but got rained out instead.

Designer and Whiskerino artist extraordinaire Tim McSweeney sent us this closed sign from Brooklyn. No it doesn’t match the creativity of the Best Wet Paint Sign in NYC or the randomness of the No Tweekers Sign, it does, however, get the point across. New Yorkers were not impressed with the storm.

• •   • •

Beer Güt Shirt


Beard Spotting: Jack Passion in NYC

Look who was staying at the same hotel I spent 10 days at just the week before.

Our friend and Petaluma Whiskerino champ Jack Passion was in NYC for the premiere of his new show Whisker Wars on IFC. Small, hairy world.

Watch the trailer:  See the rest »


WTF NYC: Fart Smeller Movement

Amidst all the people with signs like Free Hugs and Free High Fives in NYC‘s Union Square See the rest »


Beer Tourist: John Dory Oyster Stout by Sixpoint

Some oyster stouts simply pair well with oysters. True oyster stouts are literally made with oysters. This one’s the real deal. And you can only slurp it at one spot.

Anchored at the cornerstone space of NYC‘s See the rest »


KYEO: Patron Saint of Manly ‘Staches, Saint Selleck

As always, Keep Your Eyes Out. We spotted this next to L’asso in Nolita, NYC.

Speaking of manly ‘staches, Petaluma Whiskerino is October 8th. Are you growing to be there?

• •   • •

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KYEO: The Laziest Tagger in all of NYC

Maybe it’s one of those so-bad-it’s-good tags. But maybe it’s just so bad. Either way, Shitfuck deserves a big “Really?”.

Spotted just ’round the corner from the studio of Chris Bradley NYC in the Lower East Side. See the rest »


KYEO: Best Wet Paint Sign in NYC

Spotted on the NYC subway platform last night. No, we certainly Aint T-Pain. But let’s not rule out Tear Pain.

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• •   • •

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King Tut: Anubis Paddles from SF to NYC and Boy Are His Arms Tired

NYC Friend of the Ümlaut Laura Miller snapped this killer pic. Love the suitcase slapped with stickers from his travels.

“As part of the King Tut exhibit coming to New York, they brought this statue of Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Underworld, down the East River and past the Statue of Liberty. I wasn’t working so I went down to the Brooklyn Bridge and checked it out.”

Ahh, to have a day off. I would’ve caught the actual exhibit when it was here! See the rest »