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Early Warning: The Lagunitas Beer Circus is Coming May 16!


If you saw the pics from the 2009 Beer Circus you’ll stop reading and call the number below to grab tickets. If you were lucky enough to attend, you should already be on the phone right now. Seriously. More info below …

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Slogans Needed: Healy’s Naked Power Grab Sign Too Subtle, Gentle

“Just Say No to Naked Power Grabs!”

Sure, it’s a quote taken out of context. Part of a larger, sillier rant that doesn’t deserve even this much acknowledgment. But c’mon. Couldn’t he fit any more innuendos in? Can you?

Here’s a few starters:

“Say No to Aggressive Reach-Arounds!”
“Clamp Down on Handjobs for Handouts!”
“Stop Throwing Taxpayer Money Into Glory Holes!”

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KYEO: Chicken Stoop & Norman Greenbaum’s Petaluma For The Soul

Keep Your Eyes (and Ears) Open. Never know what you’ll see.

Spotted this chicken-filled stoop while cruisin’ around Petaluma. Coincidentally, just a block away from the ol’ Must-Hatch Incubator Co. building. Did you know the egg incubator was invented here? It’s one of the reasons we were known as The World’s Egg Basket. (And you thought we only invented the world sport of Wrist-Wrestling).

“Got chickens in the houses. We got chickens in the trees. Chickens in the pots of all the Petalumees …

Norman Greenbaum “Petaluma” from Petaluma

Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute / Readying For Whiskerino
Video: Petaluma Pete Does Whiskerino 2009
Spotted: Giant Pizza Slice In Pinky’s Phone Booth
Petaluma: “Secondhand Love” Gives Old Art New Heart, Sat. Feb 13th


Beer: First Look At Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale. WTF FTW!

A lil’ background on Wilco Tango Foxtrot via the Lagunitas website:

“… It was Supposed to Follow the 2009 Correction Ale with the Name ‘2010 Recovery Ale’, but it Doesn’t Look Like We’ll Be There by March. WTF?”

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Sneak Peek: “Secondhand Love” Gives Old Art New Heart, Sat. Feb 13th

Really cool theme for an art show: Buy thrift store art, then make it your own.

Over a dozen artists will be displaying their (upcycled?) creations. Pieces will be available for purchase. But the show’s one night only, so be there early! Details below.

I snuck pics of a couple pieces this afternoon. Gonna be rad.

• •  • •

Melissa Abercrombie’“The Way To A Man’s Heart … “

• •  • •

And a deceptive little piece from Elaine Elwick Barr of Rock n Roll Crafts.

(Hidden in the trunk is a little surprise)

Come on out!

Secondhand Love
Saturday, February 13, 2010
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Boomerang Gallery @ Heebe Jeebe
46 Kentucky Street, Petaluma, CA

Art Opening: Pics from Timothy McSweeney & Cass Hersey “Heart of the City” at Boomerang Gallery, Petaluma
Gift: Stenciled Tees from Ed Roth’s Stencil 1 and Rock n Roll Crafts
Art Opening: “Artful Distractions” New Work By Jonny Hirschmugl
Grab: Upcycled Beer Bottle Tumblers


SFBW: Beerlesque Fest at TAPS Petaluma THIS FRIDAY

What a way to kick off the last weekend of SF Beer Week. Belly dancers, snake charmers, and crazy accordions. Plus a slew of Lagunitas brews and the perfect food pairings for each. It’s all happening this Friday in the cool old back hall of TAPS Petaluma. All for only $10! You know this is going to be a serious party (Exhibit A: Beer Circus) so don’t sleep.

The Golden Mean Snail Car and Boiler Bar Performers will be headlining!

See directions to TAPS »

Beer: Lagunitas Beer Circus pics
SFBW: “Hop Stoopid + Bacon” Beer Ice Cream at Humphry Slocombe
SFBW: Start Your Livers …. SF Beer Week Is Go!!!
Drink: New Craft Beer Bar Opens In Downtown Petaluma, TAPS


Beer: Lagunitas Now Offering Virtual Tastings

Haven’t tasted Brown Shugga‘ yet? Or Olde GnarlyWine? Slap yourself. Then take a virtual taste with Lagunitas Brewmaster Jeremy Marshal. There’s now short lil’ videos for almost all their beers on Lagunitas.com.

After you whet your virtual whistle (get your mind out of the gutter) go down and have some actual tastings at their TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary. Every week they tap a different firkin of some crazy brew you won’t find on shelves anywhere, like Yumberry Pale, Drunken Russian Imperial Ruben, and Mocha Stout. Plus, they just added a whole bunch of sandwiches to their menu.

I’m headin’ there right now. Cheers!

Father’s Office, Lagunitas, And A Small World Story I’ll Never Forget
Beer: Lagunitas Zappa & The Jets Gets Special Treatment
Lagunitas TapRoom and Beer Sanctuary Now Open
Beer: Lagunitas Beer Circus Pics
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Hurry: Holiday Gift Show Saturday “Running With Glitter” By Petaluma Craft Mafia

Running With Glitter

Time’s runnin’ out before gift buying turns to gift giving. You ready?

Finish your shopping in one spot:

THIS SATURDAY » Running With Glitter
12 to 5 pm at the Petaluma Veterans Hall
FREE swag bags for the first 50 people!

This’ll be the last big ’09 show for Blue Ribbon Salvage jewelry. So be sure to stop by Mel’s booth and say Hëy.

Blue Ribbon Salvage

Check out the feature on Blue Ribbon Salvage at fashion blog Style Wylde.


Gifted: Stenciled Tees from Ed Roth’s Stencil 1 and Rock n Roll Crafts

Stag n Houndstooth Shirt at Rock N Roll Crafts

A last-minute gift that’s handmade, local, and freakin’ fresh? It’s a holiday miracle!

These rockin’ shirts are hand stenciled by the stylish hands of Elaine Elwick BarrRock n Roll Crafts. She’s the one and only artist licensed to use Stencil 1 designs from Ed Roth (no, not that one). But like Big Daddy, she’s good with the customs. So when you see a design you like, she’ll spray it up in practically any colors you can think of. On any color shirt (well, that American Apparel can think of).

Rock n Roll Crafts at Renegade Craft Fair
December 19 & 20 at  Fort Mason, San Francisco

Art: Stenciled Shadow Skaters by TR853-1
Crafty: Drinks and Gifts at Etsy Handmade Ho-Down
Design: Yeti’s Best Apple Box Labels Get My Thumbs Up


Beer: Deep Fried Bacon Dog and Anchor Humming Ale at TAPS Petaluma

Anchor Brewing Humming Ale

Had a Dude’s Day with my boys this weekend. Wrestling (no, not on TV). Video games (yes, on tv). Playing at the park. Then wrapped it up with some baconized dogs and football at Petaluma’s new craft beer bar, Taps. Highly recommended (all of the above).

Anchor Humming Ale
How rad is Taps? They’re the first bar I’ve seen to get a hold of this draught-only special release, Humming Ale. Brewed to commemorate Anchor Brewing’s move to their present facilities in 1979, a former coffee roastery on Potrero Hill, where they’ve been “humming” ever since.

It’s a crisp Pale Ale that tastes a lot like a toned-down Anchor Steam. The smoothness comes from the addition of a rare hop variety, Nelson Sauvin. More on Humming Ale here.

Taps Petaluma's Deep Fried Bacon Dog

Deep-Fried Bacon Dog
On the menu at Taps is a BLT Dog: Deep-fried bacon wrapped dog with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. But for me, the lettuce and tomatoes just get in the way. So I got it smothered in pepper jack cheese instead. Yes.

Bite of the Taps Petaluma Deep Fried Bacon Dog

(Cross section of bacon-wrapped, cheese-smothered amazingness.)

August with 3" Mini Kiddie Dog at Taps Petaluma

3” Mini Kiddie Dogs
Nice that they have menu options for the little guys. These dogs were the perfect size for my 3 and 6 yr olds.

Hit up Taps soon, not sure how long the Humming will last!

Drink: New Craft Beer Bar Opens In Downtown Petaluma, TAPS


Eat: Pizza Politana at Bloodhound SF Monday’s & Lagunitas Friday’s

Joel / Pizza Politana on ABC News

Congrats to the Bay Area’s best mobile, authentic Neapolitan pizza artisans, Pizza Politana. Just featured in an ABC News article on Street Foods. And now securing spots at two killer watering holes. Stop by, grab a ‘za, and give big ups to Petaluma wönder duo, Joel and Naomi.

Bloodhound (Folsom at 7th, SF)

San Francisco Ferry Building (Farmers’ Market)

Lagunitas TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary (Petaluma)

Find out where they’ll roll next …
Follow them on Twitter: @PizzaPolitana.

Lagunitas TapRoom and Beer Sanctuary Now Open


Drink: New Craft Beer Bar Opens In Downtown Petaluma, TAPS

Eric of TAPS Petaluma

TAPS in Petaluma opened this weekend and we stopped in to check things out. Technically in “soft opening” phase, the place is looking terrific. Between TAPS, the Lagunitas TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary, and Dempsey’s Brewpub, Petaluma’s become quite the destination for beer geeks. I couldn’t be happier.

This new destination is a group effort from Eric Lafanchi (pictured), his brother, and Eric’s wife Wendy (not only co-owner, but also the driven, determined, secret-ingredient to Taps’ existence). Together they’ve culled a tasty tap and bottle selection for both Geeks and regular Peeps alike, thanks to some expert input by Mario the Brewsario behind Brewed For Thought. And since they happily offer samples of anything tapped it’s a great place to experiment or just knock back a few. Wash it all down with fries and $4 sausages & dogs, and you’re all good.

Glass of Tripel Karmeliet at TAPS Petaluma

First up was this amazingly creamy ‘n biscuity Tripel Karmeliet from Bosteels, in respective glass and coaster no less. Most of their beers are served in corresponding glassware. All others get the curvy, English-style pints, thankfully not the flat shaker pints (which really just bore me). Details, folks.

Inside of TAPS Petaluma Beer Bar

On top of about 30 taps and over a dozen bottles, they’ve got six flatscreens. Count ‘em, six. All will be fired up for the big game(s).

Vintage ad for the Steamer Gold from San Francisco to Petaluma

The guys have been unearthing artifacts hidden in the basement of 1923 landmark Hotel Petaluma. Shown here, a vintage flyer for the Steamer Gold paddle wheel. You could ferry from the wharf at Washington & Jackson in SF all the way up to Lakeville landing in Petaluma for 50 cents. My bus ride costs $8.50. Each way.

Uberhoppy and Lagunitas Hop Stoopid

Get a load of that Umlaut! That’s a bomber of Valley Brewing Überhoppy next to Lagunitas Hop Stoopid.

Hotel Petaluma

TAPS is located around the side of  Hotel Petaluma. Go say hi to the Lafranchi Brothers and find your new favorite beer from Lagunitas, Bear Republic, Dogfish Head, Anderson Valley, Stone, Mad River, Marin Brewing Co, Moylan’s, North Coast, Moonlight, Firestone, Anchor, New Belgium, Avery, Koningshoeven, Abita, Moortgat, Ommegang, and more.

TAPS Petaluma
205 Kentucky Street
Petaluma, CA 94952


Deep Fried Bacon Dog and Anchor Humming Ale at TAPS Petaluma
Lagunitas TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary Now Open


Spotted: Giant Pizza Slice In Pinky’s Phone Booth

Pizza Costume Guy In Pinky's Pizza Phone Booth

My bus stop is right by my favorite phone booth in all of Petaluma. Not because I ever use it, or even touch it. I just like that it actually exists. And it’s pink. Today, it was even better. Thanks to this Real California Cheese Pizza Guy flashin’ signs.

Blurred in the background—the famous neon sign that proudly proclaims, “This ain’t no limp crust sissy-boy pizza.” It sure isn’t. Homeslice will kick your ass if you don’t give him a quarter. Are calls still a quarter?

Pinky’s Pizza Parlor on Yelp

1977: Incredible Hulk “Fun Poncho” is Retarded


Beer: Lagunitas Releases “Little Sumpin’ Extra! Ale”

Lagunitas Little Sumpin Extra

Fresh from the brewery in sunny Petaluma. Bottled only three days ago.  It’s a bigger, better version of the limited (and unfortunately all-gone) Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale.

Little Sumpin’ Extra! Ale, in the words of the brewer, Tony Magee:
“Honey and tropical fruit.. This is not beer as we have known it.”

Mmm, quaffable. Look for it in stores in the comin’ weeks.

For the geeks: 72.52 IBU, OG 1.082, 8.74% Alc 

More Lagunitas on the Umlaut…


MP3: Dead Milkmen and a Big Lizard In My Backyard

Big Lizard In My Petaluma Backyard

Big Lizard In My Petaluma Backyard

My neighbor and I found this half-snake/half-lizard thing while working on my fence here in Petaluma. It made me think of a band I haven’t listened to since Junior High: The Dead Milkmen.

Here’s some classics off their ’85 debut, Big Lizard In My Backyard:

The Dead Milkmen “Bitchin’ Camero”
The Dead Milkmen “Big Lizard”
The Dead Milkmen “Takin’ Retards To The Zoo”