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Bloopy: The Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” 8-Bit Chiptune

A song that never needed to be covered, due to its unreplicable awesomeness, gets one of the better 8-bit covers I’ve heard in a while. (Thanks, Jon!)

A message from the creator:

“So I’ve been writing music in my basement for a few years now. Fight club was a very influential movie in my high school days [daze] and I loved the song at the end. Since then, I’ve heard it thousands of times and decided to make a chip-tune cover of it for your listening pleasure. I’ve performed this song live on a handful of occasions and it’s always been a favorite. I’ll try and get the sax and guitar parts uploaded someday. Enjoy!”

The Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” (8-bit Chiptune)
blooped by Christopher Voss [download / info]

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MP3: Friday Five 08.14.09

Rock out with the Umlaut every Friday

What a weird, weird afternoon. Here’s what’s swirling between my ears:

Twink “Pussy Cat” from The Broken Record
Now, Now Every Children “Cars” from Cars
Volcano Choir “Islands, IS” from Unmap (Bon Iver side project)
TV On The Radio “Mr Grieves” (The Pixies) from Young Liars
The Breeders “Do You Love Me Now Jr.” (feat. J Mascis)
from Divine Hammer EP

RIP Les Paul:
Les Paul & Mary Ford “How High The Moon”

Rock out with the Umlaut every Friday.


Sneak Peek: The Pixies’ Minotaur Box Set

Awesome video press release for the upcoming “feet-tall” Pixies box set Minotaur. Huge emphasis on the art behind the band with footage from longtime collaborators, album-cover artist Vaughan Oliver and photographer Simon Larbalestier.

Minotaur is out June 15. More info here.
(via EachNoteSecure)


Remix: Albums & Video Games Redone As Book Covers

Record Covers as Pelican Books “Cover Versions” by Littlepixel.


Video Games vs. Penguin Classics Full set by Olly Moss.

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