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Bloopy: The Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” 8-Bit Chiptune

A song that never needed to be covered, due to its unreplicable awesomeness, gets one of the better 8-bit covers I’ve heard in a while. (Thanks, Jon!)

A message from the creator:

“So I’ve been writing music in my basement for a few years now. Fight club was a very influential movie in my high school days [daze] and I loved the song at the end. Since then, I’ve heard it thousands of times and decided to make a chip-tune cover of it for your listening pleasure. I’ve performed this song live on a handful of occasions and it’s always been a favorite. I’ll try and get the sax and guitar parts uploaded someday. Enjoy!”

The Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” (8-bit Chiptune)
blooped by Christopher Voss [download / info]

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