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Ron Swanson: A Moustachioed Bacon Lover After My Own Heart

If you haven’t given Parks & Recreation a chance yet, go now—it’s free on Hulu so you don’t have an excuse not to. And if you already have, the show’s really grown into its own. So try again. Ron Swanson‘s become one of my favorite characters on TV the web. The guy knows how to eat. (Thanks, Mel)

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Vintage Vegas: Moustache Cup from Caesars Palace

Nowadays a ‘Moustache Cup’ would have a curly handlebar printed on the edge so drinkers look like they’ve got a dastardly ‘stache

But this is not your hipster’s coffee cup …

See the bit of moustache wax under “Las“? That’s the real deal, folks.

Moustache Cups had a protective strainer built-in so your ‘stache wouldn’t get soaked   See the rest »

Beerds: Moustache Lounge at Atlantic City Beer Fest

I can safely say, being fresh from the Craft Brewers Conference and having attended a bevy of festivals, beer geeks are a hairy people. You could easily call any beer festival a “beard lounge”. But the fine folks at the Atlantic City Beer Festival have zeroed in on just the moustachioed fellows this weekend by creating a “Mustache Lounge”.

I don’t agree with the spelling but I love the idea.

And I can’t help but think of beer gardens at regular ol’ street festivals. Only with a bunch of dudes quarantined like bearded veal. Perhaps the next fest you attend will have a Goatee Garden? Soul Patch Paddock? Or Sideburn Stage?

If anyone’s going, please send me pics. And if you need conversation fodder, here’s some of my favorite Hairy Beerd Labels. Talk amongst your ‘stachy selves.

Visit the AC Beer Festival site. (via American Mustache Institute)

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Beerds: 14 Hairy Beer Labels
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Stacked: (((((Stereo))))) Album Covers

Vinyl porn. Without the PVC bodysuits.

I’ve got a major thang for vintage vinyl album covers. And could spend all day flipping through stacks at Amoeba for the design and over-the-top copy alone. There’s a new site/project that exploits one very specific vinyl fetish: the Stereo header. Whatever kind you’re into—Living, Dual Dynamic, Stereo-Spectrum, Sterophonic, Kaleidoscopic—Stereo Stack collects scans from old covers and stacks them for your ogling pleasure. You can even shuffle ’em with a click.

Sarted by the owner of Seattle’s Jive Time Records and founder of album cover blog Project Thirty-Three, the site currently has dozens of different headers and a promise of more to come.

There’s even a stereo ‘stache:

Go peruse StereoStack.com »

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CamStache: The First Facial Recognition Follicle Combobulator

LEGO: New Short Film “The Brick Thief”

Another wonderfully imaginative (and moustachioed) LEGO flick from the same SF agency behind LEGO CL!CKPereira & O’Dell.  (Thanks, DK)

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Beerds: 14 Hairy Beer Labels
CamStache: The First Facial Recognition Follicle Combobulator

Blog Lüv: Thanks to Redhook for the Hairy Beerd Care Package

After posting my collection of Hairy Beer Labels or Beerds the fine folks at Red Hook Brewery sent me this killer care package. Just to say thanks for featuring their handlebar moustachioed Big Ballard IPA.— a couple shirts and enough openers to open 100 bottles of the stuff. Nice!


Email me your address and I’ll send one out to ya:
copy [at] fredabercrombie [dot com]

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Beerds: 14 Hairy Beer Labels
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Petaluma Whiskerino: ‘Beardo Optico’ Video

Gallery: Petaluma Whiskerino 2010 Pics

1st Place Moustache Justin Shurtz could easily hold a bottle of IPA in each curl.


Yup, that’s a moustache-shaped goatee. He won 1st place in the goatee category. (Pic via Wardinger)


The Kind Beard

This is Matt “Beards In A Box” Wilson. Yes, he’s holding up a bag of beard. Though absent from Petaluma Whiskerino for the last couple years, he’s been a contestant the previous dozen plus. After every year he shaves his beard and saves it in that Jack Daniel‘s box. This is the real deal, folks.


Tons more pics below …

See the rest »

MP3: Friday Five ‘Rock Out With Your Beard Out’

… or your sideburns, moustache, goatee, or peach fuzz.

Special hairy edition of the Friday Five to celebrate tomorrow’s Whiskerino & Crafterino festivities. Holding the coveted Golden Chicken trophy for Best Overall (two years running!) is Jack Passion, a World Beard Champion, standing with MC Bill Hammerman.

Hit play and peruse a few pics from the 2009 contest below. Enjoy thoroughly.

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Bud Light “Mr. Handlebar Moustache Wearer”
from Real Men of Genius, Vol. 2

The Coasters “Down In Mexico”
from OST Grind House: Death Proof

Warren Smith “Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache”
from The Legendary Sun Records Story

Norman Greenbaum “Petaluma” from Petaluma

Wilco “Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard” from YHF EP

See the rest »

Petaluma Whiskerino: ‘Beardo Optico’ Video

Why you shouldn’t mess with beard-enhancing drugs …

[on an iPhone?]

Every year gentlemen far and near seek new ways to gain an edge in the great Petaluma Whiskerino beard and moustache contest. Some even turn to beard “Fibering.” A practice frowned upon by judges for reasons of ethics and risk. Watch what happens when I dabble in this forbidden-follicled art.

Music: Dan Deacon “The Crystal Cat”

Huge thanks to Beau Bouverat at TINBIKE for filming and editing; to my wife Melissa for having a dream about this particular beard; and to Paul Francis for letting me get hairy in his bathroom.


Saturday, October 9th 2010
at the Petaluma Farmers’ Market



CamStache: The First Facial Recognition Follicle Combobulator

Like an Augmented Reality Moustache, only you don’t have to hold up a pesky AR code. CamStache magically grows a moustache on your upper lip and tracks your face as you stare in wonder. Snap a pic and share your glory with friends on Facebook and Twitter. An iPhone app version will be out soon.

Why’d we do this? All to get people in the mood for Petaluma Whiskerino & Crafterino this Saturday, October 9th. Are you growing to be there?   See the rest »