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Epic Music Vid: The Singers ‘Firecoat’ by Matt Hewitt

Take 5 minutes to watch this insane music video for The SingersFirecoat‘. Do. Not. Miss. The. Ending.

Be sure to check out the director Matt Hewitt’s other vids, too. He’s also the man with the insane Charles Bronson original poster collection. Not to mention an actual bottle of MANDOM.


Lazerwolf the Usurper……….Eric Yahnker
Luther the Prophet……………Jonah Olson
Dogwitch the Siren……….Allison Schulnik
Yor the Behemoth………….Greg Jezewski
Snakebite the Seeker………..Derek Wood
Melchior the Skinbeater……Chris Meszler

Directed by: Matt Hewitt
Cinematography by: Kinsey Van Ost
Grip/Camera Ass.: Nate Bernot

The Singers:

Jonah Olson: vocals & conducting
Aaron Olson: guitar & bass
Eric Yahnker: vocals
Allison Schulnik: vocals
Steve Heath: guitar & vocals
Nick Perry: vocals & bass
Jennifer Porter: vocals & recorder
Lynn Bathke: vocals & violin
Greg Jezewski: vocals
Chris Meszler: drums
Derek Wood: vocals & keyboard

• •   • •

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