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Watch: Hahn Beer Commercial is Superbly Epic

Wow. Just, wow.

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Speaking of epic beer ads, Sam reminds us not to forget
this Carlton Draught BIG AD:

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Epic Music Vid: The Singers ‘Firecoat’ by Matt Hewitt

Take 5 minutes to watch this insane music video for The SingersFirecoat‘. Do. Not. Miss. The. Ending.

Be sure to check out the director Matt Hewitt’s other vids, too. He’s also the man with the insane Charles Bronson original poster collection. Not to mention an actual bottle of MANDOM.

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WTF: Epic Nanook Hockey Opener Video

Wow. Just, wow. Won’t ruin this with spoilers. You just need to watch. I was bugged all morning to and regret taking so long to finally witness its awesomely fantastic spectacle. WTF? Thanks, DK!

This laser bear and time-portal laden video opens all Nanook (U of Alaska Fairbanks) home games on the Carlson Center jumbotron. The crowd must go apeshit.

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