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Adv: Chocolate Website for Chocolate Beer, Sagres Preta Stout

To help promote Portugal brewery Sagres‘ new Preta Chocolate Stout, their digital agency Grand Union Portugal came up with what they thought was a fitting launchpad for a chocolate beer: a chocolate webpage. Duh.

So they hired the Artistic Director of the Óbidos International Chocolate Festival to lead the sculpting. Creating not just a flat “web page”, but going full boar creating all the buttons, number tiles for the loading screen (which only added to the heavy load time, IMO), sliding modules, and more. Then they shot it all and used it as the basis for the website.

Cool. And no doubt delicious. But a long climb up the mountain for a small sip of cocoa. Then again, I am sharing it. And you are reading this. So, guess it worked. A sia saide!

Check out the finished product:

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Choir: Bra Sizes vs. Grolsch Bottles

‘Tis the season to use the word ‘tis. And for advertisers to attempt a new twist on the holiday commercial cliché choir. Here we’ve got bras versus beer bottles. What’s your fave?

The La Senza lingerie Cup Size Choir even has an online component where you can use your keyboard to play the girls. Bonus points.


Grolsch has assembled “some of the world’s leading musicians” to use their iconic swingtop bottles in a rendition of ‘Oh, Christmas Tree.”  Bonus points for using the umlauted güiro instrument. (via AdFreak)

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AdverGeekery: AXA’s Interactive Print Ad

AXA is Belgium’s “first insurance company to launch an iPhone app”. Hey, it’s a claim to fame.

What’s really cool is how they made a traditional ‘ole print ad interactive—without a clunky QR code or app. ‘Cuz who really is going to go download an app just to view an ad? How they did it is deceptively simple. But it works. Very cool. (Thanks, Josianne)

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Adv: Pringles “Can Hands” Turns You Into Clickity McClick Click


The first couple frames made me angry. The rest made me click. And smile. And click. And click. I guess it just won the Cannes Cyber Lions Gold. Not too shabby.

Agency: Bridge Worldwide, Cincinnati.
(Thanks, MattO and shout-out to Clickity TommyG)


Video: “Sushi” Music Vid is Interactive YouTube Mosaic

Krystalline Armanderiz aniamted this music video made up of zillions (or so) of YouTube vids. Clicking on each one takes you to that vid. You gotta be fast. The RickRoll’s only up for a flash. Watch and click here.

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Art: “TXTual Healing” Interactive SMS Installation w/Actors

This installation was at the Chelsea Art Museum in NY last week. Anybody walking by could text anything to see it projected and acted out from the windows above. Anything. So of course you get things like “art is gay” and “my balls are really sweaty”. Poetry, really.

The artist is Paul Notzold, who does a lot of mobile/interactive projects like “Only Certainty, Death, and TXTs“, the 30 ft skeleton projection that would speak what you texted. Since skeletons don’t have balls, people had to get creative with what they submitted. (via Wooster)


Adv: Citreon Transformer-ish ad on Yahoo! Brasil


Citreon’s been doing the Transformer thang for a while (see below). I give ‘em props for doing it so well, before Michael Bay perfected the look. And I never get tired of ads that mess with the page. Win, win. 

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Music: Rock the QWERTY drums

Play Ron Winter's QWERTY Drums

Warning: This is crazy addictive.
Play the QWERTY Drum Set by director and visual/audio guru Ron Winter.

(I like to call it the DERF keyboard, but that’s just me).