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Halloween Gross Out: “Taxidermied Alive” Music Video by Barfth

Remember the epic Firecoat video? Well, the latest from YDGN Productions has arrived just in time for Halloween. Behold Taxidermied Alive by the most awesomely, awkwardly-named band ever: Barfth.

Just a warning and a reminder: the song is called Taxidermied Alive. So know your limits before going in to this one.


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Epic Music Vid: The Singers ‘Firecoat’ by Matt Hewitt
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The Avalanches: Frontier Psychiatrist Video

The Avalanches: Stereolab Remix, Reissue, and Frontier Psychiatrist Video


I remember first hearing Since I Left You and having my mind and ears blown. And wondering how the hell they squeezed so many samples together to create something so entirely fresh, varied, and somehow, packed all into a cohesive album. One that simply drips of summer. It still holds up today. To celebrate its 10 year anniversary Modular is releasing a 2-disc set full of remixes and rarities. Stay tuned for details.

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Directed by Tom Kuntz and Mike Maguire

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This is just one remix that’ll appear on the deluxe reissue. Check back for more info.

The Avalanches “Since I Left You” (Stereolab Remix)

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Gorgeous: Watch Disney “Bloom” Remix by Pogo

Dreamy. From the same musical meister who created “Upular” entirely from Pixar Up samples, Nick Bertke AKA Pogo. Bloom has the same hypnotic effect, too. Made more beautiful by the emotive and timelessly sweet Disney princesses. And that guy’s moustache. (via)

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It’s the 20th anniversary of Nirvana‘s Nevermind. Here’s a terrific and lesser-known cover by fellow Wilmette, IL -ian, Jonny Polonsky:

Jonny Polonsky “In Bloom” (Nirvana)

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Remix: “Upular” Made Entirely From Pixar Up Samples
MP3: Friday Five 04.03.09 Double-LP Covers Edition
Premake: Pixar’s Up! Remixed as Swingin’ 1960s Disney
WTF: Don Draper vs. Samwell “What What (In The Butt)”
TRON: New Clip “Quorra Saves Sam,” Daft Punk “Derezzed” Music Video and NTEIBINT Remix
Remix: Kanye Tweets as New Yorker Cartoons
TRON: Uprising Animated Trailer Looks Sick!

Süperfad x Nando Costa: Tactile Waveforms Video

Trippy couple of days. First multiplying sheep. Now bar graphs and pie charts exploding off the page into something like a Pink Floyd LP cover on peyote.

Created by design and live-action  production company Süperfad and directed by Nando Costa,
this video “explores the connections between science, mathematics and music“. Music is by World Gang, a side-project of Modest Mouse‘s Jeremiah Green and Plastiq Phantom Darrin Wiener. Nando and Jeremiah have a previous relationship, as he shot Modest Mouse “Whale Song” video.

The unnecessarily umlauted Süperfad is on a roll as of late. Just the other day they released their HTML5 and WebGL -powered Global Traffic Visualizer. Check out the vid:

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Rippled: The Most Glorius Light-Painted Music Video Evah

Turn it up. Make it big. This thing’s beautiful.

This gorgeous light painted video took OH YEAH WOW and Darcy Pendergast over 6 months to create. The result is a perfect match for the sound of instrumental Aussies, All India Radio. Lovely. (via Laughing Squid)

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All India Radio “Rippled” (grab the video version mp3 free)

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Time Lapse Beard: My Hairy Commute
The Deep: New Stop Motion from PES!
Tron: “Light Drive” Stop Motion Record Player Laser Light Show
Stop Motion: SpongeBob SquarePants Anniversary Intro
World Cup: Lego Reenactments of 2010 Matches
LEGO: New Short Film “The Brick Thief”

New: The Ferocious Few Attack SF with Video Projections, iPhone App

SF (spoiled) locals know duo The Ferocious Few as avant buskers who pop up and rock out anywhere from Market Street to Mission Street.

BSSP ad peep Scott McFadden (UPDATE: and crew of Eddie Ringer (director), Garrett Delorm, Darren Wong and Alex Rice) helped the band on a video and iPhone app that captures their all-over-the-place nature.

For their Loc’d Out vid Scott tells us, “…the projection idea came from the fact that they started performing with guerrilla performances around SF. We tried to keep this same vibe by projecting in sketchy places like city hall. It was pretty shady walking around with a projector and generator. We did get some heat but it didn’t stop us.


The iPhone App lets you hold your own pop-up show. “Your front row ticket to a live Ferocious Few face-melting, regardless of how un-epic your current location may be. See the rest »