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SF Beer Week: The App (and Week) is Here

TWO DAYS INTO the 2nd annual SF Beer Week‘s over 200 events, two things are glaringly apparent:

  1. You’re gonna need a backup liver
  2. The SF Beer Week iPhone App is actually worth downloading

HOW IT’S GÜT: In addition to havin’ your own itinerary on you while stumbling out and about, and being able to peruse the deluge of events when the free moment arises, the most helpful feature is how you also get a built-in map of events. Especially handy since so many of them are at places I’ve yet to visit. The Twitter feature is okay, but with how long this app takes to load you’ll probably stick to your regular tweetin’ tool for the quick dispatches and check-ins. The map+itinerary makes well worth the download price (which is free). For non-iPhone users, they’ve made their site mobile-browser friendly. So you got that goin’ for ya.

Download the app »

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For the out-of-towners and those new to craft beerdom, here’s a great primer on the best our area has to offer, the Bay Area Beer Blogger Favorite Beers List. With contributions from yours trüly. Cheers!

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