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This Sunday: The 4th Annual Lagunitas Beer Circus

Lagunitas Beer Circus 2012 flyer

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This year there’s 20 breweries (including the new Petaluma brewery HenHouse), four bands (including The Ferocious Few), and tons of circus carnage. It’s all this Sunday at Lagunitas in Petaluma. There’s even a Designated Driver discount.


If five hours of beer, circus and music isn’t enough for you, Sunday is also going to be an Annular Eclipse. So you know things are gonna get trippy. Get tix now at www.LAGUNITAS.com.


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Lucky 13: Hoppy Friday the 13th

“Do you prefer a Veronica or a Betty?”

Lagunitas‘ seasonal Lucky 13, which went from an Imperial Red to a Blonde, is still a couple weeks away but it’s my virtual drink of choice for this Friday the 13th. The watering hole of choice being See the rest »


Launch Party: HenHouse Brewing Night at Petaluma TAPS 2/25

Come welcome HenHouse Brewing to
the Petaluma brewing brood

Petaluma, home to Lagunitas Brewing Company, Dempsey’s, Petaluma Hills and Divine Brewing, was once known as the Egg Basket of the World. It’s latest notable addition, HenHouse Brewing Company, is paying homage to the town’s history and aesthetic with small-batch craft beers and eggcentric branding.

Check out what the taps are made from…

The taps are carved from See the rest »


Beer Gear: Sküüzy, the Unnecessarily Umlauted Koozie Glove

What happens when you combine smoking jackets with thinking caps? Drinking mittens, dude.

Wave hello to the über-specific, Scandinavian-designed Sküüzy. When not filled with a beer, I would imagine, that hole is as useful as the double umlauts. But that’s just one more excuse to fill it with another beer. Snag ‘em for half off with a Groupon this week or order from their site.

What’s with beer geekery and unnecessary umlauts? Exhibits A, B, C: BRÖÖ Craft Beer Shampoo, Highwater‘s Retribütion Ale and these double-entendre shirts?


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Gifts of the Season: Almanac Beer Co’s Announces Winter Wit

The third release from San Francisco‘s Almanac Beer Co. , Orange Wit, will be out just in time for SF Beer Week. The brew not only continues their trademark killer design and packaging (dig that gold foil!) but also their fresh, localvore approach to ingredients—with pesticide-free oranges from Hamada Farm in Kingsburg and fresh ginger root from Mellow’s Nursery in Morgan Hill. More info here. [Photo via Almanac Facebook]

You can treat yourself to their Autumn Farmouse Pale ’11 right now. I got to try it over the holiday…

Made with plums from Twin Girls Farms in the San Joaquin Valley you definitely taste ‘em—with an Instant zing. Not in a cloyingly sweet way, but a refreshingly See the rest »


Rad x2: Hall & Oats Beer and Emergency Help Line

You can Callin’ Oates. Yes, you can do.

When you’re out and need an emergency hit, dial 719-26-OATES. Or click callinoates.com. Consider it a holiday miracle, with love from the Interwebs.

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Drink Holland Oates from Stillwater

Unlike the unfortunately-true MMMHop beer from Hanson, this is not an official Hall & Oates brew. But it is real. Holland Oates is an upcoming beer from Baltimore’s Stillwater Artisanal Ales for a collaboration with Dutch brewery Emelisse. Hence the name. With those stereo ‘staches you can count on this label featuring prominently in my forthcoming CRAFT BEERDS book. Stay tuned…


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Watch: How To Master the Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener

UPDATESee Video 2

Lagunitas has been selling these badass Butterfly Bottle Openers for a while. So we helped them create these videos to teach you how to wield the things without spillin’ your beer (or makin’ a fool of yourself). Look for more very soon.

Order your Lagunitas Butterfly Bottle Opener »


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Beer Güt Shirt

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Don’t Miss: Taps Hosts UFC Ultimate Flight Challenge of Rare & Heavy Beers


This just might be the last bottle of Sam Adams Utopias in the Yay Area (minus, perhaps, some über-rich beer geek’s cellar). It’s currently waiting at Wilibees Liquors in Petaluma for its bout in Saturday night’s UFC Ultimate Flight Challenge at TAPS.

You’ve got one chance to taste Utopias alongside heavyweights like Speakeasy‘s Brewer’s Reserve Old Godfather (14%) and Firestone‘s Saucerful of Secrets (12%). Call for tickets now or you may miss it …

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11022011: Happy Palindrome Day


Of all the significantly geeky dates of 2011 today might be the geekiest. So enjoy a tune by a palindrome-named German trio, To Rococo Rot and a fake one by Chicagoan, Andrew Bird. Then check out Dan Hersam‘s list of Palindromes.

If I had a Hi-Fi… Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas…

Andrew Bird “Fake Palindromes” [follow]
from The Mysterious Production of Eggs

To Rococo Rot “Miss You” [follow]
from Hotel Morgan 


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Beer Güt Shirt

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In The Can: Tokyo Black (Thong) Porter

How much do beer labels influence your taste expectations?
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Ünnecessary: BRÖÖ Craft Beer Shampoo

This was sent to us by Friend of the Ümlaut Don, who did The Robot in this Beer Circus vid, while in Asheville, NC.

BRÖÖ is a shampoo that uses craft beer as a magical ingredient. I assumed they’d use Asheville Brewing (makers of Moog Beer), but it’s actually St. Terese’s Pale Ale from Highland Brewing. Apparently, using beer in shampoo not only provides opportunity for unnecessary umluats and beer puns (eg “a clean head“), it really does clean like nobody’s business.

But BRÖÖ is not the first.

Let 1978 Kim Basinger tell you about
the first beer-enriched shampoo:  See the rest »