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SF Giants x Star Wars: Fear The Jedi Beard Shirt

SF Giants, Star Wars, and facial hair. Si, por favor.

I didn’t think the ¡Dia De Los Gigantes! Shirt could ever be topped. But this Fear The Jedi Beard (Kenobi) tee created by Jeff Fang may be the best yet.

UPDATE: Reprints have finally been made and you can place an order by sending an email to jeff@jefffang.com.

Gotta love the details:

Stay tuned for info on how—and if— you can get your mitts on one of ‘em, too. Thanks, Fang!

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Beards Again: New MSTRKRFT Single

What starts as a dancy electro ditty, this new MSTRKRFT single quickly brings some serious rawk. Dueling guitars. Crashing cymbals. And sweet-ass double bass. Just as your sleeves tear off and mullet reaches your collar we’re back in the club. Wanting to trade your glowsticks for my fiber optic beard.

MSTRKRFT “Beards Again” [ follow ]

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Art: “Gimpressionism” Hides Gimps in the Wild

Where’s Gimpo?

That’s no ordinary gimp hidden in the trees like so much Sasquatch. That’s SF Giants relief pitcher and fear-the-bearded Brian Wilson‘s gimp, The Machine. But these curious pieces aren’t all about him.

“It’s a panoply of sadomasochistic fellows”

says the creator, SF Copywriter cum Gimpressionist, See the rest »

Blog Lüv: Thanks to Redhook for the Hairy Beerd Care Package

After posting my collection of Hairy Beer Labels or Beerds the fine folks at Red Hook Brewery sent me this killer care package. Just to say thanks for featuring their handlebar moustachioed Big Ballard IPA.— a couple shirts and enough openers to open 100 bottles of the stuff. Nice!


Email me your address and I’ll send one out to ya:
copy [at] fredabercrombie [dot com]

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Adv: What’s In Santa’s Beard?

What’s with facial hair and lottery commercials … remember Moneystache? Actually, that’s the only other one I can remember.

In “Beard World” Oregon Lottery reveals what’s inside Santa’s beard. Hint: a lot less rum and cookie crumbs than you expect. The charming, flossing walrus makes up for it.

Agency: Borders Perrin Norrander Production: Mothership (via adland.tv)

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Gallery: Petaluma Whiskerino 2010 Pics

1st Place Moustache Justin Shurtz could easily hold a bottle of IPA in each curl.


Yup, that’s a moustache-shaped goatee. He won 1st place in the goatee category. (Pic via Wardinger)


The Kind Beard

This is Matt “Beards In A Box” Wilson. Yes, he’s holding up a bag of beard. Though absent from Petaluma Whiskerino for the last couple years, he’s been a contestant the previous dozen plus. After every year he shaves his beard and saves it in that Jack Daniel‘s box. This is the real deal, folks.


Tons more pics below …

See the rest »

MP3: Friday Five ‘Rock Out With Your Beard Out’

… or your sideburns, moustache, goatee, or peach fuzz.

Special hairy edition of the Friday Five to celebrate tomorrow’s Whiskerino & Crafterino festivities. Holding the coveted Golden Chicken trophy for Best Overall (two years running!) is Jack Passion, a World Beard Champion, standing with MC Bill Hammerman.

Hit play and peruse a few pics from the 2009 contest below. Enjoy thoroughly.

~ ~

Bud Light “Mr. Handlebar Moustache Wearer”
from Real Men of Genius, Vol. 2

The Coasters “Down In Mexico”
from OST Grind House: Death Proof

Warren Smith “Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache”
from The Legendary Sun Records Story

Norman Greenbaum “Petaluma” from Petaluma

Wilco “Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard” from YHF EP

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Petaluma Whiskerino: ‘Beardo Optico’ Video

Why you shouldn’t mess with beard-enhancing drugs …

[on an iPhone?]

Every year gentlemen far and near seek new ways to gain an edge in the great Petaluma Whiskerino beard and moustache contest. Some even turn to beard “Fibering.” A practice frowned upon by judges for reasons of ethics and risk. Watch what happens when I dabble in this forbidden-follicled art.

Music: Dan Deacon “The Crystal Cat”

Huge thanks to Beau Bouverat at TINBIKE for filming and editing; to my wife Melissa for having a dream about this particular beard; and to Paul Francis for letting me get hairy in his bathroom.


Saturday, October 9th 2010
at the Petaluma Farmers’ Market



Craft Beerds: 14 Hairy Beer Labels

UPDATE: The response to this post led us to create a book, THE CRAFT BEERDS BOOK. Check it!

With Petaluma Whiskerino growing closer, and Lagunitas being one of the many homegrown supporters, we’ve got beer and facial hair on the membrane.

To celebrate, here’s a collection of our favorite Craft Beerds—label artwork graced by moustaches and beards.

• •   • •

Moretti Moustache Man (old/new)

What’s changed? For starters, his Reverse Hitler ‘Stache has grown into a Flanders. Also, his de-aged design has given him the strength to hoist the mug of Moretti with noticeable gusto. Either way, glad they stuck with the man on the label. Referred to as, wait for it, “The Man on the Label”, he’s the official symbol of the Birra Moretti brand. A bit of his history via their site:

In 1942, Birra Moretti had already been a popular drink all over Friuli for over 80 years. One day, Commander Lao Menazzi Moretti saw a pleasant-looking old man with a moustache sitting at a little table in the Boschetti di Tricesimo inn (Udine).
He was just the kind of character Moretti had been looking for to represent the qualities and character of his beer: wholesome, traditional and authentic.
Commander Moretti didn’t let him get away. He went up to him and asked the man if he could photograph him and also asked him what he would like in return.
“Cal mi dedi di bevi, mi baste” – answered the man in Friuli dialect, which means “Get me a drink, that’ll do.” [See his photo]

• •   • •

North Coast Brewing ‘Old Rasputin’

Up in my top favorite, most-satisfying stouts—among Goose Island‘s Bourbon County Stout, Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast, and Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout—is North Coast‘s Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. So rich. So good. So damn hairy.


It’s The Homebrew ChefSean Paxton, in his Rasputin-y Twitter profile pic.

• •   • •

Shmaltz Brewing / Coney Island Craft Lagers
‘Human Blockhead’

That’s Donny Vomit, the man and legend on the Coney Island Human Blockhead label. Read how he got there at Village Voice.

Photo: Laure Leber

• •   • •

Lagunitas Brewing Company ‘Joseph’s Best Brown Ale’

Not sure the date of this long-gone Lagunitas brew, but the label lists their address on Ross Street in Petaluma. So more than five years, at least. See the full label at BeerLabels.com.

• •   • •

Avery Brewing ‘The Kaiser’

With the spike on his helmet, his ‘stache looks like the fletchings on an arrow. Yes, fletchings are the feathers on the end of an archery arrow. I had to look it up, too. We both learned something today.

Just nabbed a bottle of The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest from Avery in Colorado. Look for a review soon.

• •   • •

Shmaltz Brewing / He’Brew ‘Genesis Ale’

Nice Hasidic Beerd gracing the first ale from He’Brew.

• •   • •

Founders ‘Double’

Clever label. If only both views were hairy. Read about Founders Double at Ferment Nation.

• •   • •

New Glarus ‘Unplugged’

That’s brewmaster Dan Carey gracing the Unplugged series of ‘brewers choice’ beers from Wisconsin’s New Glarus Brewing Company. Release four times a year. Same ‘stache. Different brew.

Photo courtesy of the awesomely named Motley Brüe.

• •   • •

Half Acre Beer Company ‘Ginger Twin’

How rad is Half Acre? Aside from being in my motherland, Chicago, they ran one of the most badass promos ever for their Ginger Twin beer:

*Anyone with God given red hair will be granted an 8% discount on Ginger Twin purchases.
**Anyone with God given red hair and a Longshoremen’s beard will be granted a 10% discount on Ginger Twin purchases.
***Identical Twins will be granted a 15% discount on Ginger Twin Purchases
****Identical Twins with God given red hair will be granted a 25% discount on Ginger Twin purchases.
*****Identical Twins with God Given red hair and Longshoremen’s beards will be granted a special treat (each) and 50% off additional Ginger Twin purchases.

(via Grub Street)

• •   • •

Mikkeller ‘Big Worse’

Most of their beers feature the Danish brewing duo’s follicled faces somewhere on the label, but the Big Worse mugshot is one of the better treatments. Haven’t tried yet, but if it’s anything like Beer Geek Breakfast, I’ll be happy.

• •   • •

De Molen ‘Donder & Bliksem’

A mighty beard. A majestic head of hair. One good pair deserves another. De Molen‘s Donder & Bliksem (which means thunder & lightning) comes in two versions: the Dutch version, a Pilsner; the US version, a “Double Dutch Ale”. Go figure.

• •   • •

Morrissey Fox

Hairless Brits Neil Morrissey and Richard Fox sport Beerstaches on every label of their Morrissey Fox beer.

• •   • •

Redhook ‘Big Ballard Imperial IPA’

This year Redhook introduced this as a nod to one of their first offerings, Ballard Bitter IPA, dating all the way back to ’84 when they were still brewing in an old Ballard neighborhood transmission shop. (Update: Thanks for the lüv, Redhook!)

• •   • •

Schloss Eggenberg ‘Samichlaus Helles’

Big white beards on Christmas beers aren’t a rare sight. With one exception—a beer that’s only brewed once a year, on December 6th—Samichlaus. The original and Helles versions of share the same bearded Santa Claus graphic (though I have an older version with just a North Star graphic). A Christmas tradition in the Abercrombie häus for sure.




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Beer Güt Shirt

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World Cup: Tiny Streaker, Big Beard

This promo for Freeview HD “see every tiny detail” coverage of the World Cup has a huge beard, so it’s my duty to post. However, the campaign’s a little (no pun intended) lacking … Their requisite  YouTube channel has same three vids posted under different names. But it’s early. I’ll cut ’em some slack. Their requisite Twitter account for Tiny Streaker‘s friend Faroosh the baker is starting to warm up.

Soon the site will launch a contest where you can win a Freeview HD screening of the World Cup for you and four buddies. Now that’s worth checkin’ back.

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