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Heads Üp: Oktoberfest Dinner Party at Lagunitas Tues. 10/18

“….’Fest ’til you Fester!”  [like]

I know the perfect shirt to wear to this. Just don’t spill your free Lagunitas stein on it. Ticket info here or call the TapRoom @ 707-284-1020. Don’t sleep ‘cuz you know they throw a mean party.

Beer Güt Shirt

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Watch: 8-Bit Oktoberfest

Go to Oktoberfest with The CUBIES for some bloopy Gemütlichkeit.

Find MP3s and remixes here. (Thanks, Michael)

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Beer Güt Shirt

Oktoberfest Art: Jeremy Fish Beer Stein
Bloopy: The Pixies “Where Is My Mind?” 8-Bit Cover
The Simpsons: Brought to You by the Ümlaut (and Katy Perry?)
8-Bit: Tom & Jerry Nintendo Style
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Rock Out: KISS Launching Destroyer Beer

Continuing their Spaceballs-like history of merchandising—KISS the Beach Towel! The Lunchbox! The Ketchup!…— KISS has announced a See the rest »


This Sucks: Lagunitas Announces Brown Shugga’ Substitute Holiday Ale


Every year when Lagunitas throws the after-party for Petaluma Whiskerino, the timing always lines up with when they’ve just tapped the first run of Brown Shugga‘—their magically sweet, deliciously hoppy holiday brew. It signaled the end of a hairy few months and the beginning of the hearty holidays. But not this year.

Here’s why none of us will be imbibing the incredible Shugga’ this year. And why Lagunitas sucksSee the rest »


Oktoberfest Art: Jeremy Fish Beer Stein

Ah, Oktoberfest. What better time to break out—but not break—this rare Jeremy Fish beer stein (yup, I’ve got one of the only 50 in existence) made for his collaboration with See the rest »


Cat Poo Coffee Beer: Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

Doesn’t coffee beans passed through the digestive system of a weasel-like cat and then brewed into beer sound delicious?

I consider it natural selection. Here’s why:  See the rest »


Ghost Deer: More Beer x Taxidermy From BrewDog

Some brewers use fluff like cans that tell you when they’re cold to stand out. BrewDog, on the other hand, uses animal carcasses. Mmm, carcassy.

Ghost Deer is a 28% golden belgian ale aged in “amazing” oak casks, fermented for 10 weeks, yada, yada, yada … It’s beer served from a taxidermied deer head. Whatever. I know the perfect shirt to wear with it. (Thanks, Ken!)

The last taxidermied beer release from BrewDog was See the rest »


BeerCause: 15,000 Bottle Caps for Africa

Why? To help decorate a library and Internet Learning Center in Loita, Kenya. I know a few of you could drink enough to cover a whole wing in a weekend.

I ran into this guy at See the rest »


PBR LOL: Pabst Pansy Autocorrect

So I was trying to settle a bet about the ABV of PBR. Like most prove-you-wrongers, I whipped out the iPhone. Not sure what the PBR OGs or even people paying $44/bottle in China would say about this autocorrect suggestion for Pabst but I, for one, am insulted. It’s not like I typed Zima.

BTW, PBR‘s ABV is See the rest »


Art Opening: The Beer Show 8/26

Yes, craft beer is an art to itself. But when you mix craft beer with the art of artists, well, you’ve got The Beer Show. This group exhibit includes drawings, glass art, clothing, jewelery and crafts all made from or inspired by beer, bottle caps and coasters.

Official statement by show curator Sarah Chase:

See the rest »


Beer Tourist: John Dory Oyster Stout by Sixpoint

Some oyster stouts simply pair well with oysters. True oyster stouts are literally made with oysters. This one’s the real deal. And you can only slurp it at one spot.

Anchored at the cornerstone space of NYC‘s See the rest »


It’s Your Chance: Party in RateBeer’s Craft Beer Suite at Oakland A’s Game

It only happens once a year. Don’t miss your chance inside the RateBeer Luxury Suite »

Saturday, July 30th, 4:05 PM Atheltics vs Twins

With your ticket you have access to the following treats and luxuries:

  • Commemorative A’s Beerfest glass and 3 tokens.
  • Ticket for entry to the RateBeer.com Luxury Suite
  • Fully catered suite: hot dogs, nacho bar, popcorn, peanuts, artichoke dip and sodas
  • Select beer from some of the leading and most sought after breweries in the country.
  • Enjoy the game with beer and baseball lover like yourself.

Breweries that will be represented in the suite include:

  • Allagash Brewing
  • Almanac Beer Co.
  • Anchor Brewing
  • Block 15
  • Cigar City Brewing
  • Drake’s Brewing
  • Epic Brewing*
  • Firehouse Grill & Brewery
  • Grand Teton Brewing
  • Hill Farmstead*
  • Lagunitas
  • Marin Brewing Co.
  • Shipyard Brewing Co.
  • Speakeasy Ales and Lagers
  • Stillwater Artisan Ales*
  • Stone Brewing
  • Telegraph Brewing
  • And more
    *Named to RateBeer’s “Top New Brewers In The World 2011” list
More info and get tickets »

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Epic Win: Drink The Rainbow Beer

The only way you could possibly improve this

is if he first caught a Chicago Cubs baseball in the beer and then lined it up with a Double Rainbow. Which would require two beers. And that would be beautiful. [via FailBlog] Thanks, Mark!

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Watch: Epic Heineken Spot is Bizarro GoodFellas Copacabana

Not as epic as the Hahn Beer Commercial. Nor as star-studded as the Van Damme Coors Light spot. And though it does manage, with a Scorcesian nod, to combine the Copacabana and the club in the 1968 Utica Club Beer club song,  it still won’t get me to drink a Heine.

° °

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